GP’s warning over ‘dangerous hacks’ that claim to mask drink before you drive

Enjoying a drink or two with friends and family at Christmas is part of the holiday season.

But we all know the rule of never drinking and driving, as drunk driving can lead to serious injury or even death.


Experts warn that if you drink alcohol this Christmas, you should avoid driving altogetherCredit: Getty

It is best not to drink alcohol while driving.

That said, many myths claim that it can mask the smell of alcohol or even help to “suppress drunkenness.”

However, one GP warns that this should never be accepted.

Speaking to The Sun, London-based NHS GP’s Dr Ross Perry said the bottom line is there’s no way to hide whether you’ve been drinking and you shouldn’t try to hide it if you’re concerned about driving. about it.

He said the best thing to do if you’re driving is not to drink at all.

In the UK, the drink driving limit is set by law at 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood or 35 micrograms of alcohol per 100 milliliters of breath.

In Scotland, the limit is 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood and 22 micrograms of alcohol per 100 milliliters of breath, Metropolitan Police said.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) says it cannot be converted exactly to units of alcohol. This is the equivalent drinking amount for these guidelines because it is very different for each person.

Dr. Perry of Cosmedics said, “Considering drinking and driving, there’s an absolute rule that if you’re going to drive, you don’t drink, and whether you drink or eat, there are exclusions and ways to try to get around this.” It shouldn’t be, or I’m trying to find some other way around time dilation.”

He added that the smell of alcohol not only sticks to your breath, but it can also come out of your body’s sweat glands.

“This is also noticeable the next morning, especially when people drink too much alcohol and get a hangover,” the GP said.

Aldehydes, the breakdown products of alcohol, seep through the body’s natural sweating process and can cause latent alcoholic odors, he explained.

Dr. Perry adds that using perfume and mint in the shower may help mask the smell a bit.

“But there is no absolute way to stop drinking,” he said.

The NHS says you should drink no more than 14 units of alcohol per week for at least three days.

This equates to about 6 medium (175 ml) wine glasses, or 6 pints of 4% beer.

While there is no completely safe level of drinking, experts add that following these guidelines will reduce your risk of harm to your health.

How to get help with your booze

There are many resources and tools that can help you solve your drinking problem.

Drinkline – Call 0300 123 1110 (9am-8pm weekdays, 11am-4pm weekends).

Alcoholics Anonymous – Free Self-Help Group Offering 12-Week Plans

Al-Anon – A group for families and friends struggling to help their loved ones

Adfam – a national charity working with families affected by drugs and alcohol

National Association for Alcoholic Children (Nakoa – Helpline for Children with Alcoholic Parents – call 0800 358 3456)

At Christmas, many people may drink more than usual.

But this doesn’t mean people won’t notice how much booze you’ve consumed, warns alcohol coach Sandra Parker.

“A lot of people tell themselves all sorts of things to convince themselves they won’t realize how much they’ve been drinking, but they actually do,” she said.

“The voice changes, the expression changes, the face becomes more flushed, the eyes change, it almost droops, the reaction time changes, the balance changes, the voice almost slurs.

“And it’s impossible to hide them or counter them.

“We become less able to process our emotions and become less sharp when talking to people.”

Some people think the surest way to stop the effects of booze is to make yourself sick, says Sandra, an expert at Just the Tonic Coaching.

While this may feel like a relief at first, she added that nothing will take away the effects of booze on the brain.

“It may temporarily relieve nausea, but that’s just one of the symptoms associated with excessive drinking.

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“It doesn’t do anything if you’re sick and depressed or have a dull head.

“These symptoms cannot be masked with caffeine, food, or anything else because there is nothing to counteract the levels of chemicals in the body.

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