Gordon Ramsay tried KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime energy drink and gave it a savage review

Gordon Ramsay has finally released a savage review of KSI and Logan Paul’s trendy energy drink.

The two YouTubers put their rivalry aside and teamed up last year to launch Prime, which has since become a highly sought-after product in the UK.

Content creators have partnered with Premier League side Arsenal to make their products available on matchdays at the Emirates.

Despite fans scrambling to get their hands on this wildly popular energy drink, Gordon Ramsay made it clear he won’t be consuming it anytime soon.

The three-Michelin-starred chef was handed a bottle of Prime during an appearance on Hart Radio. And he didn’t hesitate.

Before stopping the concoction, Ramsay sniffed and revealed, “Oh, it smells high.”

He finally took a sip and said, It’s like swallowing perfume. what is that? I’ll send it to Nigella to have the pork belly grilled. ”

But he wasn’t done yet.

He adds: Yeah, it’s like the cass in Gino Da Campo Tiramisu.

“What would you give out of 10? Zero.”

Viewers praised Ramsay’s brutal honesty.

One wrote:

Another user said, “Great ad for @PrimeHydrate.”

A third commented, “When people are honest, not paid ads.”

Prime is packed with a heart-pounding 200mg of caffeine, twice the electrolytes of the original Prime drink, and zero sugar.

However, after people started buying the product and selling it for profit, the drink has been at the center of some controversy.

It turns out that the woman and her friend endured the 45-minute drive just to snap a few cans.

“Why are you from Sheffield?” asked the shopkeeper.

“I’m here to buy a can of Prime,” the woman replied.

Wakey Wines has been criticized for raising the price of its Prime drinks, which normally sell for £2 a glass or £24.99 a box.

The store was found whipping a crate for a whopping £100.

The store has also been criticized by Prime founder KSI, who said the huge price hikes made possible by the drink’s popularity were “outrageous.”

He said: ‘No, don’t pay that much for prime. pay £2, OK, £2 for

“Two pounds is so much better than £25. C’mon this is outrageous. You shouldn’t be paying £25 for a bottle of Prime.”

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