‘Good Drinks’ Is An Excellent N/A Cocktail Book

I’m not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions.i am very much in favor of constantly improve your life When striving to be betterbut call me cynical – with the solution it feels like you’re gearing up for the inevitable disappointment. walk hardwhen Dewey Cox told his wife that she didn’t believe him, she replied:i believe you. I know you will fail!That’s how I feel when someone asks me what my New Year’s resolution is.

That said, I’ve generally been drinking a lot less lately (although not quite) dry januaryI also make it a goal to be a better recipe follower. ) spirit (pun intended, sorry) and finally decided to dig into my copy delicious drink By Julia Bainbridge, published in 2020.

Bainbridge is a food and beverage journalist and widely published. delicious drink Her refreshing and unpretentious journey The World of N/A DrinksUnlike some cocktail books that contain ingredients and spirits that are highly technical and exorbitant to the non-professional, delicious drink Very approachable and feels like any drink can be run. Ambiguous about my recent drinking, I felt immediately empowered by my introduction to Bainbridge. she wrote: At least not for a while. ” She continues: Maybe alcohol no longer fits in their lives. For some reason, this passage (and the sentence that follows) got me hooked and made me want to actually mix some delicious drinks.

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First impression

The book is set up by the opening sections you need (tools, glassware, ice, etc.) and then divided by the times you want to drink recipes (noon, afternoon, happy hour, evening, night). You might associate Bloody Marys with brunch, beer in the afternoon, and Negroni after 5pm, but N/A drinks don’t mean you have to “drink responsibly.” and “Don’t try too hard early in the day.” Want to make a 2pm weekday cocktail without the guilt? delicious drink Suggest something that might tickle your fancy during that time.

My favorite part about configuring recipes is that they each include a “commitment level” indicated by 1, 2, 3, or 4 circles. As Bainbridge points out, they go from “cooking syrup” to ” Also using a juicer Also Marinate or infuse something” to “This is a weekend project that requires sourcing a lot of ingredients and spending some serious time in the kitchen.” as a recipe maniacone of the woes of my culinary existence is finding great recipes that seem easy to work with, but I’m slow to realize that I need to create other, completely different and more cumbersome recipes first. Thank you so much too. When you take delicious drink Recipe, you have a feel for exactly what it entails and how long it should take.

How easy is it to make a drink…really?

I decided to start with the “Don’t Touch Your Car Keys” recipe. This was the recipe submitted by Shelby Allison of Chicago’s Lost His Lake. His beloved Tiki establishment sadly closed in early 2022. I have great memories of going to Lost Lake (which was nepo-alert, in my neighborhood) and felt this drink was necessary to close that loop. I needed to make a coconut syrup that required 1 can and 2 cups of turbinado sugar. My first mistake (!) was thinking there was turbinado sugar, but when I started, I realized it was actually Demerara sugar.I had read that they were common substitutes, so I was acutely aware that they were violating my resolve not to mess up the recipe in the first step of the first recipe. (which is absolutely delicious), I searched for a glass — no requirements and ideals pearl diver glasses,But collins glass was also recommended, so I went with the Collins-style trout fishing glasses I inherited from my grandfather.


Other ingredients in the drink were lime juice, soda water, fragrant bitters, and a sprig of mint for garnish. It turned out to be incredibly delicious. It was the perfect embodiment of the sweet, funky, citrus flavors that I love in a delicious tiki he drink. I drank it while working after lunch, faithful to the “Afternoon” in this book. Overall, it was a great cocktail making experience.

I wanted to use a very nice juicer (overly praised here), and I also tried “Get Well Soon,” contributed by cocktail royalty Jim Meehan. This required mixing honey with freshly squeezed turmeric and ginger to make a syrup. Once that was done, the syrup was added to a mixture of lemon, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, and hot water, and served with lemon. It tasted like a stronger, more cosmic version of Hot Toddy (some call it “Master Cleanse”, but I call it “God’s Lemonade”).


Beyond those, I can’t wait to try the ‘dollar slice’ (a Bloody Mary alternative) and the ‘change of address’. I am also very interested in Yu The Great (Basil Matcha Syrup, Lime, Coconut Milk, Soda). If coffee after noon is insane for me, I’ll get on the Bainbridge Reco and drink late. Night Cold Fashion (Simple Syrup, Orange, Cherry, Bitters, Cold Brew Concentrate).


there is So A lot of drinks I want to make from this book. Luckily, you probably won’t be drinking much after February, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore. delicious drink incredibly accessible amateur home mixologist, and N/A Full of cool ideas for the pros looking for inspiration. I surprised myself by making two absolutely delicious non-alcoholic cocktails using homemade syrups.If you’re interested in exploring good Great drink. Look no further than this book. Or if you just want to enjoy one, come. I still have an incredible amount of coconut syrup in my fridge.

delicious drink is available in Amazon.

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