Gold Coast Suns’ Mac Andrew charged with drink-driving

Gold Coast’s prized AFL youngster Mac Andrew has been charged with DUI and is set to face court- and club-imposed sanctions in January.

The Suns admitted that 2021 No. 5 pick Andrew failed a roadside blood alcohol test early Saturday morning.

The Gold Coast said a 19-year-old boy was charged with DUI and released after cooperating fully with Queensland police.

When he returns to training on 9 January, he will have to meet with the Gold Coast club’s management and members of the leadership group to comply with the sanctions imposed by the club.

Suns manager Wayne Campbell said in a statement: “Mac understands that he made a poor decision and has disappointed many people, not just the club and the Gold Coast community.

“He understands the gravity of his actions and has shown remorse and as a club we will support Mack and help him through the situation.”

A talented key defender, Andrew made his debut against West Coast in Round 20 and appeared in the final four games of last season.

He signed a two-year contract extension with the Suns until the end of the 2025 season in April.

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