Ford Fiesta drink driver went wrong way down College Street

A DRINK driver drives the wrong way around a heavily trafficked major city after enjoying Christmas night.

The Worcester Magistrate’s Court has heard that Leah Hodgetts had a license for just a year before committing the crime last month and is now facing a lengthy ban.

The Hodgetts of Orchard Grove, Littleworth and Worcester admitted to driving when their alcohol levels were over the limit when they appeared in court on Thursday (January 12).

The accused Fatima Yasmine was spotted driving a red Ford Fiesta in reverse on College Street while police were patrolling in Worcester city center on the night of December 14. said.

Worcester News: Court: Leah Hodgetts for drink driver Court: Drink driver Leah Hodgetts (Image: Facebook)

Hodgets then parked at a bus stop in the opposite direction before the police were called.

Prosecutors said Hodgets appeared intoxicated when officers asked if he had been drinking.

The 22-year-old replied, “I drank a little,” before admitting to having a pitcher of alcohol to myself.

Prosecutors said Hodgetts was taken to Worcester Police Station, where the breath evidence specimen provided by the defendant was 54 mcg of alcohol in 100 ml of breath, which exceeded the legal limit of 35 mcg.

Worcester News: Driving: The Hodgets fail on Worcester's College StreetDriving: Hodgets took a wrong turn on College Street in Worcester (Image: Google)

Miss Yasmin added:

Hodgetts, who had never been convicted before, represented himself when asked by a court clerk if he had anything to say about the crime, initially replying “no.”

When asked for details, Hodgetts explained that he parked and went out to eat with colleagues, but then went out for drinks.

Hodgetts told Judith Hulland, chairman of the magistrates’ bench, that he has had a driver’s license since October 2021.

Worcester News: Court: Leah Hodgetts leaves Worcester Magistrate's CourtCourtroom: Leah Hodgett leaving Worcester Magistrates Court (Image: Newsquest)

Sentencing her, the chairman said, “You went out, I knew you were going to drink.

The chairman said a magistrate considered her reading of 54mcg and her poor driving habits and decided to ban her for 14 months.

The Hodgetts were given the opportunity to participate in the DUI Awareness Tribunal. Upon her successful completion, her sobriety ban will be shortened to her 14 weeks.

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Hodgetts was also fined £215 and ordered to pay £135 in costs and £86 surcharge. She agreed to pay the total amount of £436 in full within her 28 days.

“We really have to forget about driving until the ban is over,” the chairman said.

“Driving while disqualified may result in a prison sentence.”

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