“Forced to drink urine,” A school commissioner says real-life bullying is much worse than what’s depicted in ‘The Glory’

While there is a school violence scene, netflix “original series”gloryAlthough it shocked many viewers, school officials say that the real-life violence at school is much worse.

In particular, viewers were horrified when they discovered that the curling irons scene was based on real events. But recently one school commissioner said:The school violence scene in the play is shocking, and some people may doubt it, but by reenacting the actual incident, it raises the alarm and awareness of school violence.”

The Commissioner continued:Reality is worse We shared the recognition that serious violence in schools has occurred recently and urgent countermeasures are necessary.

in an interview with MBC radioof ‘news high kick‘January 11th, Choi Woo SungThe principal in charge of school violence at the Gyeonggi-do Suwon Office of Education confirmed that the “curling iron” scene was based on a past bullying incident at a middle school in Cheongju.

At the time, the media reported that a group of junior high school students led by Kim (15 years old at the time) had committed an assault.A’ (14 years old) About 20 days. “A” was reportedly hit with a baseball bat and burned on his arm and chest area with a curling iron.

Commissioner Choi Woo-sung further explained.”The victim at the time suffered severe burns and a protruding tailbone, requiring five to six weeks of hospitalization. he continued, “PerpetratorShe also confessed that she would punish her victims by ripping off the scabs that had formed on her scars. And he said that real bullying is much worse in real life.

he sharedThe School Violence Law was enacted on January 29, 2004 and came into force on July 30 of the same year. her school name. ”

He expressed deep remorse as there have been more egregious bullying incidents such as: Yangsan girls middle school assault case, Cheonghak-dong Dormitory Atrocity Incident, Beijing snow floor sexual assault casemore.

In 2021, the Yangsan Junior High School Girls Assault Incident occurred, and a group of perpetrators assaulted a foreign junior high school student. The bully recorded the assault and distributed it on the Internet. In 2020, the Cheonghakdong Dormitory Abuse Incident, in which girls tortured victims by inserting foreign objects into their bodies and making them drink urine. In January 2022, a 13-year-old boy lured a 9-year-old girl on her way home and performed an obscene act. He went on to sexually assault the girl with a block of snow that he had pre-made to look like her bed.

Chairman Choi said,In all three cases, some or all of the perpetrators were minors under the age of 14, limiting punishment.” I have expressed concern about the juvenile justice system’s age limits and anti-delinquency laws.”i agree with that (“Because perpetrators are getting younger and crimes are becoming more sophisticated and violent, we should gradually lower the age limit.” he added, “At the same time, as a society we Enlighten and prevent such acts in the first place. ”

Juvenile delinquents are children between the ages of 10 and 14 who have committed crimes but are eligible for protection. These juvenile delinquents are sentenced to mild community service or sent to juvenile delinquency instead of criminal penalties. At a cabinet meeting last December, the government passed a bill to lower the upper age limit for juvenile justice, lowering the delinquency prevention law from 14 to 13.

“The Glory” is a Netflix drama about a victim of school violence who grows up to take revenge on the perpetrator. The drama has gained worldwide attention and popularity, and in many countries he has been ranked as his #1 on Netflix.

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