Forbes 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Ready-To-Drink Cocktails

If you’re not careful, you’ll spend most of your time mixing drinks at holiday gatherings.

If it’s an intimate gathering, I don’t mind stirring a few Negroni’s or shaking a whiskey sour, but I prefer to actually sit down and enjoy my friends and family. As such, I enjoy bartending, but often treat myself with excellent ready-to-drink cocktails. Here are some delicious cocktails to enjoy at your holiday gatherings.

party tins Cosmicpolitan, Gold Rush Old Fashioned, Triple Spice Margarita, $29.99/1.75 Liter

If you’re hosting a large holiday party, you’ll need to purchase several cans of Party Can. Made with premium liqueurs and real fruit juices, these cocktails come together perfectly. Try the Passionfruit Cosmicpolitan, Gold Rush Old Fashioned, and Triple Spice Margarita. If your guests don’t drink as much as they expected, simply reseal the party tins and store in the refrigerator for a month or more after opening, and you can drink in any season.

Straightaway Cocktails Bottled and Canned Craft Cocktails, $39.95 – $84.95

Whether it’s a margarita, a Negroni, or something a little more exotic like an old-fashioned maple and rum swizzle, Straightaway Cocktails has you covered. It’s crafty in that it chooses its own fir needles to create bitterness and roasts its own hazelnuts. This allows guests to enjoy Lintick Lightning Gin his cocktails, old-fashioned maple, and more.

Oakside Cocktail Company Manhattan, Negroni, Rye Old Fashioned, $50/750 ml bottle

The folks at Oakside Cocktail Co. believe that great ingredients are the key to great cocktails. That’s why we incorporate the products of renowned American artisans such as Two James Spirits from Detroit, Michigan and Don Ciccio & Figli from Washington, DC into our batch cocktails. A beautiful cocktail to drink and gift this holiday season. If he buys two bottles, he gets free shipping.

Picnic Brunch Mimosa, Bellini, Bloody Mary, 12 pack $44.97

If you’re looking for an easy brunch cocktail, try opening a slim can of Picnic Brunch. These cocktails are not only easy to carry to seasonal banquets, but they also pair perfectly with a variety of homemade holiday fare. For the perfect combination of sweetness and savouriness, crack open a mimosa or bellini while snacking on the decadent charcuterie board. For a more classic vibe, carve up the turkey with a bold Bloody Her Marie.

Fabrizia Vodka Soda, $9.99/pack of 4

This vodka soda is refreshing sparkling water, real vodka,

Blood orange juice, that’s all. No coloring or preservatives, 100kcal per can. Refreshing and great to drink.

Greenbar Distillery Highballs, $13.99/pack of 4

What makes a great cocktail? Using organic ingredients and manufacturing both spirits and mixers in-house from scratch is exactly what Greenbar Distillery does. Try Coastal Rum + Coke, Gin + Tonic, Whiskey + Soda.

Stone Brewing Buena Fiesta Margarita, $14.99/pack of 4

Whether you’re celebrating a holiday at the beach or want to transport your guests mentally somewhere tropical, these RTD cocktails might be the perfect ticket. Made with premium tequila, these margaritas come in his four flavors: Classic Lime, Strawberry, Passionfruit, and Pineapple Habanero. Each tin contains two cocktails.

Dashfire Bourbon Old Fashioned, Fig & Cascar Manhattan, Chai White Russian, $6.49/can

This Minnesota-based family-owned bitters company has some beloved canned cocktails that are not only perfect sock stuffers, but also delicious and inventive cocktails perfect for serving at any gathering. Made with real cane juice, fine spirits and other delicious ingredients to elevate any celebration.

Day Chaser Vodka and Tequila Cocktail, $19.99

These RTD cocktails are spirit-based, but are also made with real fruit juices and sparkling water. Easy to drink, perfect for friends and family with active lifestyles.

Halftone Spirits NY 75, $18/4 pack

Halftone focuses on botanically diverse small-batch spirits. The Brooklyn, New York-based company is experimenting with flavor intersections and pushing the boundaries of gin. All spirits used in our cocktails are distilled on-site from 100% New York state produce. The NY 75 is a French 75 with a twist, with notes of pear and white wine. Also their classic gin and tonic is good.

Fisher’s Island Lemonade Pink Flamingo, $15.99/pack of 4

Fisher’s Island Lemonade Pink Flamingo Canned Cocktail is made with real cranberry juice, vodka and barrel-aged whiskey. Pour the can into a pitcher or glass and garnish with fresh cranberries for an easy seasonal cocktail.

drainer heater Whiskey Hot Toddy, Vodka Apple Pie, Hot Buttered Rum, $13.99

If it’s cold where you’re celebrating the holiday, you may need a cocktail to warm your guests. A new line of pour-over mixers. New heater types include Whiskey Hot Toddy, Vodka Apple Pie, and Hot Buttered Rum. Each one is made with authentic spirits and natural materials to warm your body. If you’re looking for a cooler drink, Cutwater Spirits also makes a delicious White Russian.

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