Food and Drink Trends for 2023

I’ve been doing this food trend forecasting for a decade and a half. Food & Wine has been in the game 30 years longer than that. What I learned along the way: A lot of this prediction is just spaghetti (or whatever non-wheat pasta TikTok is temporarily fascinated with) thrown at the wall. Also, a fair amount of it has been spewed from press release and publication to publication, so a cursory look reveals that most of his hood 2023 trends articles I’ve seen are the same. I could have cited a laundry list. , not an activity, but you do), canned fish, gluten-free and plant-based pasta, “mood food” (that will be your CBD and “functional” packaged goods), mushrooms, nostalgia and comfort food, kombu, non-alcoholic wines and spirits, and a “food journey.” Granted, it’s vague enough that some of these things could happen, but aside from some grim market data about cans of mackerel swimming off the shelves, most read hojicha leaves. Down like a 2019 hard seltzer. Let’s try.

Thinking a little pedantically, the cultural micro-obsessions we often call trends (butterboards, pink sauces, rainbow foods, keto cabbage alfredo, etc.) briefly fall into the realm of bright-burning fads, but cultural disappears into ash. It’s good! Joy and joy are renewable resources and should be mined as often as possible. The joint experience of these moments will be nostalgia for you in the future! Before you put a ton of cash on supplies, change your social handles, or get a tattoo about it, take a moment.

Trend, meanwhile, pulls up a chair, grabs a cozy mug, and lurks by the fire for a while. Case in point: Air fryers might have seemed like a novelty a few years ago. , is now a permanent fixture on the kitchen counter in more than a third of American homes. new york timesthe same goes for Instant Pots and other multicookers. The sun-dried tomatoes are still excellent, and the chocolate lava cake is still smoldering decades after its initial craze.

Created in partnership with the Culinary Federation of America and the strategic consulting firm Technomic, according to the National Restaurant Association’s 2023 Hot Dish Prediction, chicken sandwiches are particularly popular when they have a fusion of spicy, fried, or sweet heat. Some of its vitality may come from variations of sriracha. That’s because the once ubiquitous Huy Fong Foods brand of sauce is recovering from shortages due to drought conditions in northern Mexico, where its key ingredient, the red jalapeno pepper, is grown. (Marketing and PR firms are great at delivering “fetch,” but even they can’t control the climate.) The report was compiled from a survey of over 500 food industry professionals. (and “generously supported” by Nestlé Professional) ), and consumers don’t expect to tire of the charcuterie board any time soon, as do “globally inspired salads.” The flavors of Southeast Asian countries will become more present in American cuisine.

Alternative sweeteners such as maple sugar and coconut sugar are said to cause a stir, as have oat, nut and seed milk (although the latest edition of The NPD Group’s annual report, Eating Patterns in America, Dairy sales are never intimidated by their dominance). Restaurant menus will remain streamlined and you won’t see wraps or flatbread wraps in the near future. Summing up, these are “important considerations for businesses wishing to build relationships with their customers” and “issues where nutrition and sustainability will continue to have an impact,” the authors explained. Our food system ultimately says, “It’s the taste that sells the food.” Unlike pickle pizza, fried lasagna, and fruit-flavoured coffee, it’s never been heard before, but seems to be on the decline, according to the NRA.

Mintel Group Ltd. has long been a major player in the prophecy business, analyzing consumer behavior to help food and beverage businesses anticipate their customers’ wants and needs. Mintel analysts pulled data from 36 global markets, launched products from our new product database, and used proprietary data science and analytics tools to create the Global Food & Beverage Trends 2023. These include provisions that can help people withstand extreme weather. Natural disasters, foods and beverages that optimize mental performance, packaging with clear, minimalist designs and, perhaps most interestingly, foods inspired by space exploration. “As the Earth endures more chaos, space will become a source of optimism, innovation and connection,” the report said.

they are professionals. i dig it However, I would like to see what is happening on Earth in 2023.

Harvey Wallbanger and other Fern Bar cocktails

If the espresso martini can make a comeback, Harvey Wallbanger (basically an Italian liqueur, a screwdriver with a Galliano float), Salty Dog (vodka and grapefruit juice served in a salt-rimmed glass), Lemon Drop may also be revived. (martinis with lemon juice and Cointreau), pina coladas and other 70’s and 80’s singles bar staples that are easy, refreshing, delicious and take less than 20 minutes if your bar is already backed up. I personally wait for Strega Sour to prevail, but that may just be revealing my #CroneEra.

squiggly food

Aspic, molded salads and desserts, off en gelée, jello shots – if they wiggle, I’ll laugh, I guarantee. You have no idea how incredibly calming and brain-smoothing slow-mo TikTok/Instagram accounts like @adventuresinjelly can be when you need a boost. I hope more chefs in homes and restaurants embrace the tranquility and elegance of gelatin.

Compostable and reusable carryout

Like me, I’m already sick of relying on takeout and delivery food, which is made worse by the waste that goes into my recycling bin. We reuse and upcycle our containers, but it feels like we fell into an ocean littered with garbage. We also keep an eye out for services like Deliver Zero, which allow restaurants to order food in returnable and reusable containers, and keep track of which other spots choose. Compostable or minimal packaging.

Sustainability for hospitality workers

As the meme goes, hit a brick if it sucks. The pandemic and the resulting labor shortages have given those who remained in the industry a fresh look at the workplace. Many of them were conditioned to accept exhausting or abusive conditions at minimum wage. With the labor market suddenly becoming more favorable, workers were able to seek out more lucrative opportunities that were previously unavailable, and owners quickly realized that the better they treated their staff, the longer they would stay with them. In 2023, I’m so happy to see the same faces over and over at the host stand, eating CBD-infused mushrooms, working the floor, behind the bar, behind the kitchen door at my favorite hangout. -I drink anchovy kelp pasta and a tall upcycled glass of space oat milk.

Flambé food and drink

I really like fire

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