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Refresh your sandwich routine with this book by a local author. (photo courtesy)

sandwich mania

“Classic Rock Sandwich,” a photo-filled recipe book written by North Park resident Cheryl D’Agostaro, was released in December and is selling well.

Owned by Author and Entrepreneur Store specializing in classic rock sand Worked at North Park Way for 10 years until closing in 2021. pet tenderthe pet-sitter business she started 40 years ago.

D’Agostaro’s book contains 101 recipes for every sandwich customers have enjoyed at her restaurant. This reflected her love for classic rock, her artists and everything related to her 1969 Woodstock Music Festival.

Each sandwich is named after a musician or band. Includes creations such as the turkey ham-based “Hendrick’s High” with cranberry and wasabi mayonnaise. “Rockin’ Joplin” where “Bobby McGee” spreads. “Sultry Stevie” with rotisserie chicken and pineapple habanero sauce. The turkey and avocado “Beetlemaniac” is garnished with mixed greens and raspberry chipotle sauce. All works have color photographs.

Plus, the 183-page collection features recipes for 17 different salads and some clever spreads.

“Since we released the book just before the holiday season, we’ve sold out 50%,” said Dagostaro. “Sales are continuing, and inquiries come every day. intention This is the second print.

Priced at $35, the book is available at: verbatim book at North Park (3793 30th Street), Instagram (@classicrocksandwichshoppe), or email [email protected].

Little Italy’s Designer Chocolates

Craft sweets by a former fashion designer (Photo courtesy of Grain & Grit Collective)

Chewy, new tenants have arrived Little Italy Food Hallbrings you exquisite chocolates, seasonal bonbons and luscious caramels.

sweet petit candy is the brainchild of clothing designer and chocolatier Michelle Lomelin. She is known for applying her fashion sense to baking in terms of her colors and packaging. Her Flavors Her profile varies with product lines that include candy barks and cookies.

Romelin is a graduate Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising I worked in the industry for about 20 years. After changing her career to enter the world of chocolate making, she started her business in Bay Park and most recently expanded to this location. 550 Nishidate Street, 619-707-1383,

Italian power

Fettuccine with pistachio and basil sauce and burrata cheese (photo credit: Al Dente)

Opened by a group of experienced restaurateurs of Sicilian and Neapolitan cuisine al dentea newcomer to University Heights serving traditional Italian cuisine with a modern twist.

Teams come from people who are closely connected rusty kitchen and newly opened remain Located in the Gaslamp Quarter.

Among their more inventive dishes are mushroom-crusted elk chops, wild boar sausage in white wine sauce, and sole stuffed with fresh herbs and cheese. From a selection of homemade pastas, there’s oxtail ravioli, spaghetti with pork belly and creamy egg yolk, and fettuccine garnished with basil pistachio his sauce and burrata.

The restaurant is open daily from 4 PM to 10 PM. 4207 Park Blvd., 619-546-9288,

wellness latte

A unique coffee shop in Normal Heights (Facebook)

Modrn Medicine, an irreverently spelled Normal Heights collective, offers a menu of latte drinks spiced with Ayurvedic medicine to calm and harmonize the doshas, ​​also known as ‘energy centers’.

The bright and cozy café offers six latte Ayurvedic concoctions, as well as other coffee drinks, teas, hot chocolates, and sweet and savory meals. Both indoor and outdoor seating are available. 3349 Adams Avenue, 619-800-8056,

cool chocolate

Dr. Bronner has partnered with 800 farmers in Ghana to plant trees that complement each other and require no toxic chemicals to grow. (Photo credit: Dr. Bronner)

Dr. Bronner’s has released new flavors in its luxurious vegan 70% dark chocolate bar line. Cool Peppermint Cream is the latest addition to Magic All-One Chocolates, now available at retailers nationwide.Family-owned company nods to heritage of peppermint products with flavor.
“Peppermint is synonymous with my grandfather and the company he founded,” said Michael Bronner, president of Dr. Bronner’s.

One of the legacies that the chocolate line breaks is the history of exploitation associated with the chocolate trade. according to Dr. Bronner’s In keeping with our tradition of all-natural and ethically sourced products, the organic ingredients that make up our chocolate are grown using regenerative organic farming methods that benefit the land and the farmers who cultivate it.

Cacao from Ghana, cocoa butter from Congo, coconut sugar from Indonesia, and bourbon vanilla from Madagascar make up a guilt-free bar of great flavor.caramel colored peppermint filling It makes this flavor stand out among a line of delicious options. For more information,

Is it worth the wait?

After years of anticipating the opening of the Gaslamp Quarter, tacos el gordo, Below we provide an overview of the shop’s strengths and weaknesses, based on our visits and those from reliable sources.

The taco joint started in Tijuana in the early 1970s and later branched out to Chula Vista, where it became wildly popular. It arrived in urban San Diego just over a month ago after numerous delays, including pending permits, work rule violations, and the pandemic. 783 Fifth Avenue, 619-955-8220,

Strong Points:

  • Al pastor pork carved from a vertical skewer is juicy and very flavorful.

  • Carne Asada street tacos contain mildly seasoned tender meat cooked over charcoal.It is one of their signature proteins.

  • If you’re a fan of lengua (beef tongue), tripa (tripe), or cesos (brain), you’ve come to the right place, as they’re prepared using techniques that originated in Mexico for generations.

  • French fries come in 3 sizes.

  • Adovada (pork) is a little spicier than other taco shops. bring it on!

  • The tortillas are fresh and made on the spot.

  • Service is generally fast.


  • Street tacos are sporadically lacking in meat.

  • Pre-ordering by phone can be difficult as staff are not always available.

  • Given its central location and its ardent cult following, lines can stretch out the door, especially in the evening.

  • For example, if you are used to paying less than $2.50 for street tacos elsewhere, such as carne asada tacos, it will cost you $3.75 here. Although a little more spacious than other places.

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