Fireball whiskey maker accused of false advertising on miniature drink bottles

If you’ve been confused by the miniature bottles you see at gas stations and supermarkets that appear to advertise Fireball, the popular cinnamon-flavoured whiskey drink, you’re not alone.

Citing two news articles pointing out that the bottle was labeled Fireball but didn’t actually contain whiskey, attorneys representing Chicago plaintiff Anna Marquez said Fireball’s It seeks unspecified damages against the manufacturer, Sazerac.

In the complaint, Marquez and her attorneys say the mini-bottles advertising ‘Fireball Cinnamon’ falsely mislead consumers that they are just a smaller version of regular Fireball whiskey. . The fine print on the bottle stating that the shot is “a caramel-colored malt drink with natural whiskey and other flavors” was deceptive because it included the word “whiskey,” they wrote.

“When viewed with the brand name of Fireball spirits, the label misleads consumers into believing it is or contains spirits.

As a result of false and misleading representations, the lawsuit alleges that the Sazerac Company was able to increase the price of a 50ml bottle to a “premium” of $0.99.

A Sazerac representative said the company does not comment on pending litigation and referred inquiries to the company’s Fireball Cinnamon FAQ page.

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