Fight erupts after TikToker cuts in line of 40-minute queue for a drink

Published: 2023-01-11T04:48:51

Has been updated: 2023-01-11T04:49:01

In a viral TikTok, an influencer was called out after a customer barged in line for a drink at the Nashville Ball, where customers were believed to have been waiting for over 40 minutes. brought battle.

Fights and conflicts posted on TikTok tend to go viral. This is because I like watching dramas that don’t involve people directly. And he documented one such instance on Jan. 3 while a TikTok user watched on the sidelines.

The cameraman was watching from a distance, but an alleged influencer cut in straight ahead. He waited over 40 minutes for a customer to buy a drink. Another woman confronted an influencer she believed was incredibly rude after seeing the person bear her cuts.

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A woman who cut in line started filming other women in an attempt to create content out of the situation. However, this move backfired after she screamed. I will beat you up,” he continued mocking the other women.

At this point, the crowd was clearly against influencers, and a woman who confronted TikToker, who supposedly boasted of having over 70,000 followers, was pulling influencers by the hair. TikToker threw down the beer out of her frustration and, ironically, wasted the very product she ordered.

After being physically confronted by her dishonest behavior and empty threats, Tiktoker fled the scene with a friend.

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Those watching the video clearly enjoyed the small altercations. commented.

“This was very satisfying. I’m glad she threw and wasted beer in line,” added another.

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