Festive drink and drug drive crackdown results in 223 arrests

During the annual Christmas Drink and Drug Drive campaign, Devon and Cornwall Police have made 223 arrests for people driving while intoxicated.

The arrests took place last month, including 144 on suspicion of driving under the influence, 84 on suspicion of drug use and 5 on suspicion of failing to provide samples for analysis.

Some drivers have been arrested on suspicion of multiple violations.

A total of 188 alcohol and drug trafficking arrests were recorded as a result of the Christmas Operation Limits campaign, which ran from Thursday, December 1 through Sunday, January 1, resulting in an increase in arrests over the previous year. rice field.

Of the 144 people arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, 113 were male, 30 were female, and 1 was unknown. The youngest is 17, the oldest is 72, and the average age of those arrested is 38.

If drug-driving-related offenses were suspected, drivers were asked to fill out roadside swabs. If this swab was positive, they were arrested and blood samples were taken while in custody for analysis. These bloods are currently being tested before any potential charges are brought forward.

Of the 84 people arrested on drug-related charges, 76 are male, 7 are female and 1 is unidentified. The youngest is 16, the oldest is 67, and the average age of those arrested is 34.

During the campaign, police officers encouraged people enjoying drinks during the festival to plan how to get home without driving. We partnered with over 90 venues in the county to provide free drinks to anyone who agreed to be the group’s designated driver.

Motorists recalled the potential consequences of driving under the influence and the continued effects alcohol and drugs could have the next morning.

Supt Ryan Doyle of Specialist Operations said:

“While it is disappointing that the number of people arrested for suspected offenses related to drunk driving and drug trafficking has increased by 24% since last year, we are stepping up our efforts to deal with potentially dangerous drivers on the road. I am happy to report that this has led to numerous arrests.

“This year, we continued to focus on encouraging people planning a night out to think about how to get home. We would like to thank you for your support in keeping our users safe.

“I and many of my colleagues knocked on doors to inform families that a loved one had died from a driver who thought it was safe to drink and drive. This is the victim’s family. The pain it inflicts on people and loved ones is devastating and entirely preventable.

“As in previous years, we would like to thank the public for calling in to report drunk driving. valuable to.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Allison Hernandez, who is also president of the Vision Zero Southwest Road Safety Partnership, helped police drink and drug driving campaigns at Christmas.

she said: It is a selfish act that unnecessarily endangers the lives of innocent people.

“While we are disappointed that so many drivers have been deemed fit to undertake this lethal activity during the festive period, so many have been arrested and brought to justice. I am glad that I became

“Not only is it incredibly dangerous, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can also result in a driving ban, costing some people their jobs, their livelihoods and even their families. It’s not even worth it.”

If you believe someone is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, call 999 immediately with vehicle information and directions.

For non-urgent matters or to give information about people who regularly drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, visit www.dc.police.uk or call 101.

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