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A survey in Japan found that the most popular hangover remedy was miso soup, especially clams.

Liquor giant Kakuyasu surveyed its email newsletter subscribers to find hangover-relieving foods and foods people crave.

92.6% of respondents have experienced a hangover at some point in their lives, and 76.3% of them have their favorite meal the day after going out late at night.

Miso soup was the favorite hangover meal for 61.5% of those surveyed. Respondents said this traditional dish, especially clam miso soup, was popular for a variety of reasons. We received comments such as “I think it will help me recover faster” and “I heard that the ornithine contained in the soup has health benefits.”

The next most common hangover sufferers were light meals such as udon, soba, other soups, and ochazuke, which were easily washed off with water.

On the other hand, voluminous menus such as ramen and curry rice were also popular. One of the reasons curries are so popular is that the spice promotes blood flow and sweating, and turmeric helps break down alcohol.

What's your favorite hangover meal?

Survey respondents shared personal stories related to hangover eating: ” kitsune In the morning after drinking too much at the year-end party, the udon noodles my wife made soothed my hangover. “I got a hangover once on a trip abroad, and since there was no miso soup at the hotel breakfast, I drank orange juice to recover. Since then, orange juice has been a regular hangover.”

About 300 people responded to the survey, which was conducted from December 6 to 11, 2022.

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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