Fans of Celsius Energy Drinks may be entitled to $250 payout but the deadline is in 3 WEEKS – exact date to apply

Fans of Celsius are entitled to a payment of up to $250 for energy drinks purchased within the last 7 years.

The deadline for filing claims is just a few weeks away from February 13, 2023.


Celsius fans may be entitled to payouts of up to $250Credit: Getty
Celsius consumers who have purchased an energy drink within the last 7 years may be eligible


Celsius consumers who have purchased an energy drink within the last 7 years may be eligibleCredit: TikTok

A class action lawsuit against Celsius requires the company to pay consumers who purchased energy drinks between January 1, 2015 and November 23, 2022.

You must be a U.S. resident purchasing the beverage for personal or home consumption.

Purchases made for the purpose of resale or distribution will not be eligible for payment.

The problem is that you need proof of purchase, such as a receipt, to receive up to $250 per household.

4 direct payments worth up to $3,284 by spring
Americans can now apply for direct payments ranging from $250 to $975.

You can only receive up to $20 per household without proof of purchase.

Payouts are calculated by the number of products purchased.

For example, you can submit a claim to receive $1.00 for each can purchased.

You can submit a claim to receive $5.00 per package of 14 for products that are sold in packages, such as Celsius on the Go and Flow Fusion Powdered Drinks, which are typically sold in packages of 14.

Celsius Holdings was sued for claiming that the label said “no preservatives” even though the product contained citric acid.

The company claimed the citric acid was added to the product for flavor, not as a preservative.

If the total amount of all Approved Claims exceeds the Distributable Funds, the amount payable will be reduced.

However, if you have money left over from your available funds, your payment will increase proportionally up to twice the original invoice amount.

Claim forms can be submitted online or mailed postmarked by February 13th.

It’s unclear what form of payment they will receive, but one TikToker, The Points Baby, said in the video that he received other charges through PayPal and Venmo.

The following Celsius products are eligible for your claim:

  • Celsius Beverage (may be labeled “Celsius Live Fit”)
  • Celsius fever
  • Celsius BCAA+ Energy, Celsius with Stevia)
  • Celsius on the Go
  • flow fusion powdered drink

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