Fan in Gumby suit drinks bear through eye on MNF

“The Manning Cast” always features a list of guests, but this unscripted, beer-drinking cameo had the brothers cracking down.

Peyton and Eli Manning’s replacement for ESPN2’s “Monday Night Football” continues to make fans laugh. As Shaw returned from a break during the Rams’ Packers game, the camera zoomed in on the crowd on the field of Rambo in Gumby’s costume.

What was already a funny cameo turned into Manning’s hilarious show when Gumby started drinking beer through the eyes of the costume.

Eli added comedy to the spectacle and provided expert analysis for the bizarre scenes.

“Welcome to Rambo. I gave Gumby a look and a beer at home,” he said. “I’ve never seen that technique, but you gotta do what you gotta do.”

Peyton couldn’t stop laughing when his brother commented on the costumed character’s antics.

Peyton and Eli Manning watch fans in Gumby suits drink beer from their eyes.

With the Packers leading the Rams 10-6 at halftime and both teams dropping out of the NFC playoff race, a little extra nimbleness is never a bad thing.

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