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SUFFIELD — Jeff Adams has been running bars for nearly 35 years and has about six locations across Connecticut, including Lucky’s Pub on Ucar Street.

“We opened in June of 2012,” says Adams.

When Adams took over, it was completely empty.

“There was nothing here,” he said. “There was no bathroom, no bar.”

Adams said he runs other local bars and pubs, including Shamrock across the street from Lucky’s.

“We’ve been doing this for about 35 years,” he said.

“I am human,” he said. “I like to be sociable. I like to drink. You put them all together and it worked right from the start. I have about half a dozen locations. I still have some.”

“We have a unique customer base here,” says Adams. “From kids in their mid-20s to 30s. We have a middle-aged audience and an older audience like me. It’s a broad audience. It’s a good mix.”

He said crowds create their own pockets of time when visiting bars, depending on age group.

“Elderly people come here from 4 to 6 pm,” he said. “Young people are more night owls, and middle-aged people come at any time.”

A bar with tall tables along the opposite wall, the concept of Lucky’s Pub is simple. Four years ago, Adams said, they opened an outdoor patio and fire pit.

“It just adds to our capacity and it works very well in the summer,” he said.

What Lucky’s Pub lacks is its crazy cocktails and specialty drink menu.

“There aren’t many gimmicks here,” he said. “People know what they’re getting.

“It’s a very simple place,” says Adams. “We don’t have a pool table. We don’t have a kitchen. We don’t really entertain. We’re basically people socializing and watching games.”

There is no kitchen, but because we are required by law to serve food, we offer pre-packed sandwiches and microwaved soups during normal business hours.

Adams says the pub doesn’t have a set menu and patrons just know what to order. That includes drinks.

“They will tell you what they want,” he said. “Maybe once a week we put something creative in. Otherwise they seem happy with it.”

He said there are 14 “quality craft beers” on tap and a wide alcohol selection.

“We have the drink you want, we can make it,” said Adams. “We have everything you need.”

Lucky’s gets busy with food during holidays and special events like football on Sundays.

“We are playing great football on Sunday,” he said.

Every Sunday’s meal options are different, hiring caterers to mix weekly menus like pulled pork, beef stew and tacos from caterers and food trucks like Pickle Jar Deli in East Windsor and Out’s Fat City Kid. It offers. Windsor Rock.

“We’re trying to mix it up, so it’s not the same,” he said.

Holiday events are the same way he said, sometimes even bringing live entertainment.

“We have a group of pipes and drums every St. Patrick’s Day,” he said.

Adams says running Lucky’s Pub for 10 years has been “going well.”

“Some customers are lost, some are gained,” he said. “We’ve been hit hard by COVID. We’ve been completely shut down for three months. Stay plugged in. Pretty easy to run.”

He praised the work of two bartenders, Amy Simon and Rebecca Massaro.

“They run the place,” he said. “They do everything. I’m like the mantelpiece.

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