EXALT Becomes Official Sports Nutrition Drink Supplier To Tottenham Hotspur

Emerging nutrition brand EXALT today announced a four-year partnership as Tottenham Hotspur’s official sports nutrition drink supplier. EXALT has created a bespoke recovery drink using individual recipes for each Men’s First Team His player based on goals and supplement protocols.

As part of a long-term partnership, the EXALT team will work closely with Tottenham Hotspur’s head of nutrition, Emma Tester, to provide each player with nutritional requirements and a supplement regime to support training and recovery. We’ve developed a unique, custom-made formula for you.

Their specific formulations are adjusted based on regular blood tests to ensure maximum effectiveness. Drinks are cold-pressed using HPP (pressure) to provide maximum nutrition, naturally extending shelf life. can be provided on a large scale.

EXALT is a premium nutrition brand that puts sustainability at the heart of everything it does. The range includes fresh raw protein smoothies, functional cold-pressed juices with natural botanicals, and sports recovery drinks. Designed by experts and handcrafted in London. EXALT’s products are made with premium all-natural ingredients to complement a healthy (yet hectic) lifestyle. It’s real food with deep roots in nutritional science.

EXALT co-founder Charlie Wilson Vaughan said: Therefore, he is very proud to be the exclusive supplier to one of the world’s leading football clubs. As a testament to the EXALT team’s hard work, dedication and expertise, Tottenham Hotspur players will be provided with a truly personalized, bespoke sports nutrition drink to support high intensity training and recovery during the season and beyond can.

EXALT co-founder Dan Wilson-Vaughan said: their day. Our customers are typically time-pressed high achievers and know that we have our backs when it comes to premium, fresh, science-backed on-the-go nutrition. , was able to acquire a loyal fan in a short period of time.

Tottenham Hotspur Partnerships Director Fran Jones said: This deal represents a great opportunity to provide nutritionists with best-in-class products that support athlete performance and recovery. ”


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