Energy drink brand SOMI kicks off 2023 with relaunch, new flavors

Billed as a “natural energy drink” containing 140mg of caffeine from green tea extract and matcha, FinnishIt contains 10-15 calories per 12 oz can and is sweetened with monk fruit and stevia.

As SOMI co-founder and CEO Arianna Salinas shared with FoodNavigator-USA, since the beginning of 2023, the Austin-based energy drink startup will focus on improving its end product for consumers. , made some updates to its beverage line.

Salinas has spent the first half of 2022 partnering with local retailers to sample products and understand what consumers think of them. After that, she said, with that information in her hands, SOMI could spend the second half of the year restructuring and repacking and making some changes in the new year.

SOMI chooses smarter, slimmer cans

In terms of packaging, SOMI has decided to move on from the 16 oz. to 12 ozSmoothThis is more in line with current energy drink brands such as ZOA, C4 and Monster, Salinas said. But not only was the decision based on what SOMI’s competitors were doing, there were several practical reasons for the brand to make the switch.

One, in a larger can format, SOMI consumers would say:Not finished yet or not cooled enough when finished‘ said Salinas. But she also mentioned another practical reason to move to smaller can sizes.

[The] Matcha naturally settles, so if you don’t eat it right after opening it, it will settle at the bottom of the can.

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