Eating & Drinking Our Way to Healthier Habits

How to eat and drink into healthier habits
Hope Nugget Egg Omelette

In line with our New Year’s resolution to adopt healthier habits in 2023, we’ve been experimenting with several plant-based meat and dairy substitutes. After reading that pepitas (small pumpkins in Spanish, or pumpkin seeds in English) are rich in antioxidants, fiber and nutrients, I was encouraged to try them as an egg substitute. Eggs are very expensive at the grocery store, and since I eat a lot of scrambles and omelets for breakfast, I decided to try Spero Foods’ offer.

Spero, a plant-based dairy company launched in 2019, has been featured on The Food Network and other outlets for its innovative use of technology to create plant-based dairy products. Their products are sold at Sprouts and other health food stores.

Healthy Spinach and Mushroom Omelette

So far, I’ve tried Spero Pepita’s egg substitute in a veggie omelet using a mushroom/spinach omelet recipe. be cooked. I added chopped mushrooms and chopped spinach to a bottle of Pepita’s eggs and cooked them together in a covered nonstick skillet for 7 minutes.

How to eat and drink into healthier habitsHow to eat and drink into healthier habits
hope nugget egg quiche

I used regular low-fat mozzarella instead of the recommended cheese substitute, which we didn’t have. Visit for more information, including many recipes using our products.

lacroix sparkling water

I also switched from high-calorie sodas like Dr. Pepper, my husband’s favorite comfort drink, to LaCroix Sparkling Water. These no-calorie, no-sweetener, no-sodium, no-caffeine drinks are a great way to break your addiction to soda. Missing his daily dose of DP gave him withdrawal symptoms and we had to bring back a can or bottle a day to stop it. did not.

My favorite is Black Raspberry Essence Sparkling Water. It has a nice fruity flavor, no calories or caffeine, and he can have a cup or two a day. To avoid being too fizzy, I still drink more distilled water and often squeeze a fresh lemon to get the real “natural” fruit flavor.8 Pack of LaCroix Sparkling Water is currently priced at $3.82 at Walmart.

Balancing Buzz (BYB)

what will they think next? Balance Your Buzz is a vitamin and electrolyte cocktail mixer that hydrates those of us who haven’t practiced his dry January. In a variety of flavors like lemon/lime, passion fruit and more, BYB mixes with vodka or tequila, water and ice. It helps prevent hangovers and fatigue after having a cocktail the night before.

Mix 1 package of BYB with 8 ounces of water and 2 ounces of vodka or tequila, stir and add ice.For mocktails, discard spirit and mix with water, stir and add ice. Just keep a BYB packet in your purse or trouser pocket the next time you head out to a cocktail party. With just 10 calories per packet, you won’t have to worry about your new diet resolution. The 8-pack of various cocktail mixers sells for $13.99 or $1.75 per packet. See BYB Mixer Online for more information.

Just Pure Food Tomato Chips

All the efforts to eat healthier didn’t work out, like the promotional sample of Just Pure Food Tomato Chips. I love tomatoes and use them in most salads and other dishes, but combining sun-dried or dried tomatoes with vegetable chips just didn’t work for us. I tried the pack and discovered it was flavored with jalapenos and I don’t like anything spicy. Result: Don’t buy these chips if you expect a crispy texture. not found here.

I gave my 30-something healthy-eating son a few samples this month too.He liked the jalapeño and barbecue flavors.There’s also a cheese flavor, $19.99 for an 8-pack of different flavors on Amazon You can get it at

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