Eat, Drink, Savor: Gut Tonics from Wise Goat Organics offer probiotics options

One of the common traditions of the holiday season Good food in abundance. Another common experience after that is trying to digest all of the ham, turkey, tamales, and ingredients told to be eaten with the eyes while the stomach sits quietly in denial. Did we have room for dessert? Of course you did.

When you’re wondering how your digestive system copes at times like these, Mary Lissavi’s Wise Goat always knows which corrective plants to eat when you need similar help. A trained nutritional therapist, she created a line of simple, natural solutions through fermented foods. Wise Goat Organics Products, she says, can combat conditions like bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome by providing probiotics that may aid digestion.

And her intestinal tonic has something of a spade.

“For probiotic capsules, that number is in the billions, assuming they are handled properly,” she said. “But gut tonics have trillions of bacteria.”

Gut Tonic is made from brine, a by-product of making Wise Goat Sauerkraut. It’s a simple process of chopping vegetables, adding salt, and letting them ferment.

“When I make sauerkraut, I don’t add any water,” she said. “Salt draws the liquid out of the vegetables during fermentation. Set the correct salt ratio (usually around 2%) and let it ferment for about four to six weeks. That’s it.”

She added that as long as the mixture has the right amount of salt, the vegetables won’t rot and bacteria will grow.

“Beneficial bacterial cultures thrive in the right acidic environment that salt provides,” she said. .”

For those who have never taken a probiotic before, Risabi suggests taking it slowly in small doses until your system begins to acclimate to the extra bacteria.

“I always start with Classic for people with very sensitive digestive issues or who have never taken probiotics before,” Risabi said. , so mild it’s probably great for kids.A little goes a long way.Start with 1-2 tablespoons on an empty stomach in the morning to see how your body feels as it gets used to the probiotic content. Get started. I like to drink a tablespoon or two before each meal as it helps the pancreas release digestive enzymes.

Risabi said probiotics can also be incorporated into your diet as part of your daily diet.

“The tonic can be added towards the end when the soup is not boiling,” she said. “You can use it in place of vinegar in cocktails and salad dressings.

She added that jars of Gut Tonic are shelf-stable and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a year once opened.

“It’s amazing how much difference people see when they start using a gut tonic,” she said. It also helps in many ways, including cognitive function, memory, sleep, etc. Everything in your immune system is based in your gut, so trust nature to get you in the right balance.”

Wise Goat Organics Gut Tonic

I was tempted to talk about the aroma, mouthfeel, flavor notes and finish and review them the same way I review wine. But in reality, all gut tonics taste more or less like a sour and sour broth, with the consistency and saltiness of miso soup and the flavors dominated by the main vegetables used. For simplicity, I have listed the four ingredients I have tried.

A bowel tonic is easy if you can comfortably drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or pickle juice. My favorite of the four is the Pickle Relish Gut Tonic. The fresh, clean taste of cucumber is well balanced with acidity.

Classic Gut Tonic – Made from organic cabbage, organic caraway seeds and unrefined sea salt.

Pickled Relish Gut Tonic – Made with organic cucumbers, organic carrots, organic onions, mustard seeds, organic spices and unrefined sea salt.

Jalapeno Gut Tonic – Made with organic cabbage, organic jalapeños, and sea salt.

Golden Gut Tonic – Organic cabbage, organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic mustard seeds, organic spices, unrefined sea salt.

Wise Goat Organics can be ordered on their website or at select farmers markets.

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