Eat, Drink, and Jingle: Restaurants offering a special Christmas menu and discounts

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived. And let’s face it, it’s also a time when people tend to settle down a little, smile a little easier, and cheer up a little more. And you definitely deserve a few hours to yourself to escape the mundane and unwind with your loved ones. And if you can’t enjoy the mystical and magical atmosphere that comes with Noel under the sunny trees of his humble abode, don’t worry! Here’s a handy list of famous restaurants. These restaurants inspire you to gather and dance together to create beautiful and unique memories that, like snowflakes, will surely last a lifetime!

Keema, BKC

Let’s make December a memorable one. Celebrating her year full of smiles and warm hugs, serving delicious food and crafting her cocktails, Kyma promises to satisfy her taste buds one plate at a time this Christmas. With exquisite indoor and outdoor spaces inspired by an all-day casual atmosphere, her Kyma is beautifully crafted with a modern twist, featuring dishes such as “avocado” ready to serve Christmas her menu. We are sure that you will come back year after year. Christmas-themed offerings such as “Crostini with and Berries”, “Marinated Salmon Tikka with Harissa”, “Lobster Poached in Butter”, “Greek Vegetable Moussaka”, “Mistletoe”, “Santa’s Sparkling Mimosa” and “Jingle Bell Smash” A delicious cocktail that reminds me of old-fashioned Christmas.

Zia and Colaba

Feel the magic of Christmas at JIA, the Oriental Kitchen in Colaba. Try our new Christmas lunch. JIA is currently hosting two exclusive, exciting and contemporary events, where the ticking clock will inspire you to break free and embark on a delicious culinary experience right away! Adds excitement to your Monday lunch with a tempting and delicious Dim Sum and Sushi Fest included, you can choose your favorite items from the Dim Sum and Sushi menu at Rs.850 per person. Another healthy deal includes Weekend Banquet Lunches that are sure to brighten up your weekend and provide a once-in-a-lifetime lunch experience. Unlimited a la carte available at Rs.1800 per person. Don’t miss this deal!

Always, Anderi

Christmas can be fun with hot fudge, chocolate, brownies, cookies and all the other sweet treats. Toujours invites you with open arms to explore sweet trinkets with loved ones in an all-new Christmas menu to satisfy your saccharine and fun treat needs! There’s also an indulgence of sweet treats to please, making the countdown to Christmas even more exciting! Adorned with delicious chocolate surprises every day leading up to Christmas, this finger-licking delight includes everything from biscuit-coated chocolates to decadent chocolate he pralines. And oh! This amazingly delicious chocolate advent calendar also serves as the perfect pre-Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Juliet Anderi

Mark all your memories with pictures from every angle at Juliet this Christmas! Combining vintage luxury with a touch of modernity, Juliet’s Ristorante is truly a place where you can stay not only for food, but also for love. . With a wonderfully curated European-inspired menu with a modern twist, Juliette brings all kinds of European summer vibes and vibes to embark on an unforgettable experience. Cocktails are ready, so get into the Christmas spirit with Juliette. Or at least let me forget all my stress for a few hours.

one8 commune, juhu

As soon as the temperature drops, hot chocolate is everyone’s go-to snack. As the winter season begins, a steaming cup of delicious creamy beverage is definitely the solution you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. and celebrate seven days of Christmas. An all-new festive edition hot chocolate menu made without preservatives and refined with All Things Chocolate’s exclusive single-origin Malabar Chocolate. Sugar that warms your heart and hands with its creamy sweetness and rich chocolate flavor. Adding to the list of soothing drinks are ‘Spice Chocolate Mix’ and ‘Cocoa Cappuccino’. The former is a winter-spiced hot chocolate blended with a special spice mix of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. The latter is a coffee lover’s favorite hot chocolate, blended with coffee and raw sugar, satisfying two sweetness in one!

Demmy, Lower Parel

A dazzling all-new restaurant in Kamala Mills, Demy is a breathtaking evolution of a culinary adventure. Our authentic and sophisticated cafe and bar offers a wide range of international cuisine. Demy is a place where you can savor the flavors of the most popular dishes in the most relaxing environment that transports you to a relaxing space full of supreme peace and tranquility. We have launched a completely new Christmas menu that allows you to exchange old memories with a little bit of passion in every dish. Mousse is a must!

Blue Bop Cafe, Karl

Have a very merry and cozy Christmas at the all-new Bluebop Café, where everything is set to welcome you with open arms. Sleek, quaint and inviting, this 7-day-a-week café is poised to change the dynamics of how locals and visitors from around the world spend their outings in a knowledgeable, fun and delicious way. doing. The kitchen is home to a memorable culinary feast, all crafted with passion, sophistication and precision, while the Blue Bop Café drinks program is a modern take on expertly crafted cocktails. Their Christmas menu features eclectic and eclectic treats like Christmas Tree Pizza, Stuffed Christmas Mushrooms, Christmas Roasted Chicken and a sweet tooth’s delight, Christmas Custard. .

Pink Wasabi, Uhu

You can never have too much pink. Moreover, the grass on this side is pink. This side is Mumbai’s most Instagrammable all-day dining restaurant, Pink Wasabi. With an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ tea party atmosphere, the newly renovated Asian dining space merges culinary innovation with new aesthetics to immerse you in an extraordinary gastronomic journey, the most It’s been a beautiful experience! Pink Wasabi has a special Christmas menu of delicious cocktails, delicious appetizers, lip-smacking dim sum, refreshing mains and flavorful desserts. Must try sake shots, mocktails, nasu cutlet, yangnyeom chicken, grilled duck breast and raspberry vanilla mousse.

Donna Deli, Bandra

Donna Deli is a unique place where you can collaborate over coffee in the morning and enjoy cocktails and dinner in the evening. Don’t forget the quirky interior with lots of pops of color. A perfect spot to post on Instagram. But there’s something more in store for Christmas this year. Donna Deli recently launched her concept of avant-garde high tea in collaboration with her renowned fashion designer, Archana Kochhar. Whether you enjoy bite-sized sandwiches or finger-licking desserts, the Donna Deli Dollhouse is ready to take you on a lovely, fun-sized culinary journey that will truly enlighten your day!


Get into the spirit of the Christmas season at Bloom, a plant-based, vegan, keto-friendly, millet-friendly eatery and cafe that recently opened its doors to all, 7 days a week, from breakfast to dinner. Cafe lovers about to embark on a culinary journey of the taste of Bloom’s quaint atmosphere is set to enchant this Christmas with its homely scents and Christmas specials like strawberry tarts and New York-style raspberry cheesecake.

cheeky spoon

The Sassy Spoon is a trendy, award-winning resto bar serving international cuisine with a cheeky twist. From the exquisite combination of tastes and textures to the beautiful interior with innovative lighting, The Sassy Spoon has also been honored with the prestigious award of ‘Best Independent Restaurant in India’. To take your Christmas celebration to the next level, the restaurant has specially prepared an exciting line-up of events that will bring you a delicious culinary experience right away. The Sassy Spoon features a fun Christmas-themed menu plus exclusive events such as “The Sassy Brunch” (every Sunday after 12:00pm, only available at Nariman Point) and “Kiss my Sass Saturday – Commercials” We will welcome you at Stay tuned for “Night” (every Saturday from 9:00 pm at Nariman Point and Powai).

Eve, Powai

With a library, greenery, a calm atmosphere and delicious food, Eve is an all-encompassing space for those who want to spend quality time with friends and themselves. I’m sure you will be the best company. You can enjoy sweet sweets such as seasonal panna cotta, creme brulee cheesecake, and millionaire brownies while celebrating Christmas with your loved ones.

Shot, Andheri

Eat, party, play and get into the Christmas spirit at SHOTT, the game arcade, the first SPARK bowling alley in Asia. As soon as you enter SHOTT’s vibrant doors, SHOTT’s lively Christmas atmosphere will inspire your senses and embark on an adrenaline rush full of fun, laughter, and memories that will bring you and your loved ones closer together. Captivating It will last a lifetime. And oh! SHOTT is also the perfect place to celebrate everything from small daily victories to iconic milestones in earnest.

All Saints Car

All Saints is famous for its Greek culture, but the ambience of the Greek atmosphere makes you fall in love with every move inside the restaurant. All Saints Khar flaunts old-world charm with long glass panels, standout tables inspired by quaint steel-style cafés in Morocco, and Middle Eastern décor to create mouth-watering Greek cuisine in Mumbai. I am reproducing. A delicious gateway into the world of famous Middle Eastern cuisine, Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie with Potato Gratin, Pot Roast Chicken with x mas stuffing and Whiskey Juice are tangy combinations of flavors and ingredients that represent the exquisite flavors of Greek cuisine. Shows further invitation to taste. Additionally, All Saints’ delicious deli is Dirty Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and Flaming Christmas Pudding with Strawberry Braise. These are perfect desserts for fall or any season. Desert sweetness is deeply rooted in tradition.

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