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Health experts explain that it’s important to drink plenty of water each day to improve your health. emphasized that it is possible to prevent

For Obinna Ebirim, an Abuja-based public health physician and health promotion expert, many people don’t know that their urine contains various waste products. These waste products cannot be seen with normal eyes. Kidney stone. In this case, drinking large amounts of water causes these crystals to be easily filtered by the kidneys and pushed out by urination.

He said some people think you can only drink water when you eat solid food, but this is wrong. “If you don’t drink enough water, the crystals can block the passage of urine, causing problems like kidney stones.”

Ebilim also revealed that being in the sun for too long can darken the color of your urine. Some people see this and think they have malaria, but that’s simply because they don’t drink enough water for the day or are poor. Water inlet.

“Another thing that can cause kidney stones is obesity, because it changes the acid content in your urine. When this changes, you’re more likely to have kidney stones.” Eating foods such as meat increases your chances of developing kidney stones because meat contains uric acid.

Other causes include family pedigree, he noted, because anyone with a family history of kidney stones will definitely have it in their lifetime.

Public health doctors have noted that people taking medications not prescribed by a doctor, especially vitamin C, can develop kidney stones.

“But even if you want to take dietary supplements, you should consult your doctor. Kidney stones in the body can cause severe back pain. In some cases, the pain can affect the stomach and It can make you feel nauseous, have a bloody, unpleasant urine odor, or catch a bad cold.In some men, the pain can go into glucose.Kidney stones can be treated with drugs or You can push out the crystals by drinking plenty of water.

Dr. Modupe Akinyinka, Senior Lecturer and Consultant Public Health Physician in the Department of Community and Primary Health Care at the Lagos State University School of Medicine (LASUCOM), observed that the human body contains at least 60% water and states: said like this. Drinking plenty of water every day is necessary to stay healthy and stress-free.

However, she pointed out that consuming water incorrectly can lead to problems and ailments such as arthritis, heart disease, indigestion of hair and skin disorders.
She revealed that over 80% of people drink water the wrong way, knowingly or unknowingly destroying the benefits of essential elements in their bodies.

“Drinking water while standing or running can prevent the kidneys from filtering the water and cause the kidneys to swell,” she said.
According to her, people should drink water in a sitting position as it helps stabilize the body’s systems.

“I have seen people running while drinking water. This is wrong as it affects their kidneys. You need to drink it, but if you swallow it quickly, it won’t mix well and it’s not good for your health.
“Drinking cold water constantly clogs your throat, affecting your blood vessels and preventing blood from getting throughout your body. This can lead to joint pain. So drink at least two glasses of water in the morning before brushing your teeth.” We recommend drinking water.”

Family physician Chukwuma Ogunbor adds that drinking two glasses of water 45 minutes after a meal is appropriate, and drinking water from a cup is better than straight from a bottle.

He says drinking from a cup encourages sipping, but drinking straight from a bottle makes you guzzle water, which isn’t healthy for your heart and throat.

Dr Ogumball said water helps with weight loss, anti-aging, digestion, boosts immunity, improves circulation, and purifies the blood. Added. already contains water.

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