Drinking in moderation this holiday season

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WBRC) – December is packed with social gatherings, many involving alcohol. This holiday season, experts say it’s important to remember what’s too much when it comes to alcohol.

“A recent survey showed that 9 out of 10 adult Americans don’t know what constitutes a standard drink,” said Kathleen Zalman, registered dietitian and dietician. We mentioned that it is important to pay attention to the ABV, or alcohol by volume. Drinks that look the same can actually have completely different effects.

To illustrate this, she showed two drinks that were similar in size and shape.

“This is a ready-to-drink wine spritzer. This one has 6% alcohol. Here’s another example. And this one has 8% alcohol. So that’s roughly two drinks,” says Zalman. says.

I have a simple recommendation that can help.

“Women can drink up to one drink a day and men can drink up to two – if they choose to,” Zalman said. She said 5 ounces is the standard drink.

She shared some tips for when you go over that amount.

“First and foremost, don’t drink and drive. Maybe your hostess needs to take the keys away. And maybe there’s an extra bedroom you can sleep in. Food with alcohol and drink slowly,” said Zalman.

A campaign to help people this holiday season is ABV’s ABC. A means alcohol and quantity, B means mindfulness, and C means moderate consumption.

“Moderation is the goal and it doesn’t matter what you drink, but drink in moderation and have a safe, happy and healthy holiday,” Zalman said.

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