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Who hasn’t heard how important fruits and vegetables are to a healthy diet? Doctors and nutritionists have been telling us for decades. Growing up nags us and virtually all scientific research shows the value of plant-based foods in the human diet. Barring allergies and certain medical conditions, many of us… Most people would probably benefit from eating a diet lower on the food chain.

I like fruits and vegetables now, but maybe I should eat more. And when it comes to fiber and such, I think there’s definitely something to be said for consuming whole plants (at least the edible parts). But Channel Islands Juice Co. made me rethink it.

Founder Melanie Crow began her journey into nutrition following a liver detox that changed her life, according to the website. , learned about the link between healthy eating and overall health. Crow, a self-professed “noisy person,” opened her Downtown Her Ventura Juice Shop in 2018 to “start a place that provides healthy food that people can trust.”

The location on Thompson Boulevard is charming. The aqua blue and white painted house exterior has a colorful picnic table on the front patio and a small but airy interior. I can easily imagine sitting here in the sunshine sipping something cool and refreshing.

But what’s really exciting is what’s sold at the counter. All-natural, cold-pressed, organic juices are blended into a rainbow of colors. and cinnamon or Fuji apples (among other things) or get creative with her combos.

I ordered Anacapa in orange, Santa Rosa in sunny yellow, Silver Strand in beautiful blue, and San Clemente in earth green on a whim. But there are more. . . and many more. Choose from blends specifically designed to boost immunity and metabolism, improve digestion and gut health, reduce inflammation, and more.

San Clemente (developed to support digestion and gut health) is green with cold-pressed leafy greens like kale, spinach, romaine and coriander. It also contains a mushroom called reishi, which is prized for boosting the immune system. It smells like a farmer’s market and tastes like a salad. I liked it, but the flavor is a bit assertive – if you prefer your drink to be more juicey, this might not be for you.

Orange Anacapa is a drink based on carrot juice, but made more complex thanks to the addition of green apple and ginger. Bee pollen and turmeric round out the wholesome ingredients aimed at boosting immunity and providing anti-inflammatory properties.

Sunny Yellow Santa Rosa (Brain Function, Energy Boost) is probably my favorite, Sweet Pineapple and Fuji Apple Juice, Golden Beets (tropical flavors with a touch of earthiness), Ginger, Turmeric and Vitamins. C cam cam included. -A rich South American fruit related to the guava berry.

But to quench your thirst, consider a hydrating silver strand. The color comes from Blue Majik, a proprietary extract of Spirulina. Made with coconut water and a hint of pineapple juice, this is a light, pure, refreshing and slightly sweet drink. Rich in minerals and omega 3.

Channel Islands Juice Co. has more than just juices. The menu includes all kinds of delicious plant-based foods such as nut milks, acai bowls, chia pudding, avocado toast, coffee, and tea. Loma Vista, which will open in 2022, is a favorite with students at Ventura College and staff at the community-his Memorial Hospital. And for those interested in juice cleansing, the company will set you up with everything you need.

All juices come in glass 8oz or 16oz bottles and can be returned to the shop for a refund (perhaps for your next order?). This is a company that tries to tread as gently as possible on the planet. Oh, we also have a subscription service. Imagine his CSA box at his favorite farm filled with juice instead of turnips.

Of course, it’s healthier than a diet and a healthier diet than juice. But Channel Islands Juice Co. offers one way to get your body full of vitamins and minerals. Raise a glass for your own well-being and toast to a company that makes it easy and delicious to be kind to yourself.

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