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Jaggery is a much-loved natural sweetener that comes in a variety of shades and slightly different flavors and is a popular addition that people add to teas, desserts, roti, rice, and various dishes made during the cold season. A storehouse of potassium, jaggery also helps maintain electrolyte balance.It is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, zinc, phosphorus and copper. Another very healthy way to eat jaggery in winter is to mix it with warm water. Ayurveda supports this wonderful drink as a natural detoxifier and as a digestive aid. People trying to lose weight or suffering from diabetes can also benefit from jaggery.Jaggery or gad also helps regulate blood pressure. (Also Read: Winter Superfoods: The Amazing Benefits of Nolen Gur in Winter; Lip-smacking Recipes You Should Try)

Sonia Bakshi, nutritionist and founder of DtF, says eating jaggery in warm water early in the winter can give you an immediate energy boost. can do a useful job.

How to make jaggery water

Heat a glass of water in a pan and add 1 inch of jaggery. Stir to dissolve. Strain and drink when slightly cooled. Alternatively, jaggery can be ground and mixed directly into a glass of hot water.

Bakshi also talks about the many benefits of drinking jaggery water.

1. Bone health

Jaggery strengthens bones, relieves joint pain, cures bone ailments such as arthritis, and calms the body. High in potassium and sodium, adding jaggery to lukewarm water helps balance blood pressure in the body.

2. Improvement of iron deficiency

If you have low hemoglobin, adding jaggery to warm water works wonders. Rich in iron and folic acid, it helps maintain a proper red blood cell count in the body. Expecting an anemic woman can cause jaggery even in warm water.

3. Detoxify the body

Jaggery has properties that help cleanse the body. Naturally detoxifies the body, purifies the blood and cleanses the liver. Regular consumption of limited amounts of jaggery with warm water gives the skin the glow it needs and flushes harmful toxins from the body, thus effectively keeping the body healthy and free from disease.

4. Maintain electrolyte balance

One of the many benefits of jaggery is that it is rich in potassium and helps maintain electrolyte balance in the body. If you do, limit warm water containing jaggery to 2 or 3 times a week on alternate days.

5. Immune booster

Jaggery is an excellent source of magnesium and vitamins B1, B6 and C. Rich in antioxidants and minerals. So if you have this early morning, you’re making sure you’ve taken a healthy dose to boost your immunity.

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