Options may seem limited when it comes to ready-to-go wine, but TikTok users affirm Aldi’s $4 wine, which comes in five flavors.

Retail influencer Matthew Lesky (@matthewlesky) couldn’t help but test the fruit-inspired wine that went viral.


Retail influencer Matthew Lesky tasted viral Aldi’s $4 wineCredit: TikTok/matthewlesky
Wine was purchased from Aldi, a global retail supermarket


Wine was purchased from Aldi, a global retail supermarketCredit: Getty

His recent TikTok helped wine lovers narrow down their favorite scents.

This wine was purchased from Aldi, a global retail supermarket chain with a large selection of groceries.

“This is amazing,” Leskey began, pointing to the five bottles in front of him.

“Reality can be what I want it to be.”

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Leskey showed his followers a variety of wine choices, including watermelon, peach, mango, blueberry, and pineapple.

Wine lovers started with the watermelon flavor and poured it into the glass.

He pointed out that watermelon doesn’t usually bring out a strong flavor, which was a pleasant surprise.

“Really good. Very smooth. Not too sweet,” he said.

The next sample was sweet mango, which Lesky called “a very polarizing flavor.”

He admitted that it was much better than he expected before moving on to sweet peach.

“This might be my favorite so far,” said Leskey.

“It’s not very sweet, but maybe that’s why I like it. I can drink more.”

Blueberries are Leskey’s favorite fruit, and Aldi’s rendition did not disappoint Leskey.

“I would mix real fruit into this because it’s phenomenal,” said the wine enthusiast.

Lesky’s followers were already well aware of his love of pineapple flavor, so he didn’t bother popping the cork.

Leskey impressed with each flavor, but with a twist.

Unfortunately, Aldi doesn’t sell alcohol in every state, so some may have to travel to get a bottle.

“The downside of living in Pennsylvania is not drinking alcohol at Aldi,” commented one disappointed follower.

“I wish NY Aldi sold this,” wrote another TikTok user.

Some even hinted at trying more flavors.

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“Autumn apples are amazing!” said one.

If reds and whites repeat a bit, Aldi could be your next place for a delicious, cost-effective selection of fine wines.

Leskey loved all five fruit-inspired wine flavors.


Leskey loved all five fruit-inspired wine flavors.Credit: TikTok/matthewlesky
Unfortunately, Aldi only sells their wines at a limited number of stores across the United States.


Unfortunately, Aldi only sells their wines at a limited number of stores across the United States.Credit: Getty

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