“Drink Jesus’ blood and never fall sick”, evangelists booked for converting people using grape juice

A preacher has been charged in Maharashtra for trying to trick people into believing grape juice was Jesus’ blood and forcing them to convert to Christianity. Hindus were told that if they started worshiping Jesus they would not need to go to the doctor and that their god was more powerful than other gods. It was recommended that

A video of an evangelist offering a red liquid to a family saying it was the blood of Jesus and that drinking it would cure their ailments went viral on social media. Details emerged that a complaint was filed against the Evangelist for abusing Hindu dharma and spreading superstitious beliefs. Organizer Uddav Nagnath Kambale, 48, a resident of Sate Nagar, Alandi, Pune, filed a complaint with the Alandi Police Station on January 4.

Kamble accused one Sudhakar Bapburao Suryvanshi and two others by name of trying to convert his family members to Christianity. Cambre is from a village in the Latour district and lives in Alandi to work in the crematorium as a daily bet. In his complaint, Kamble states that the defendant came to his home on January 1st and offered him grape juice, which he calls the blood of Jesus. They claimed that drinking it would cure all diseases and eliminate the need to go to the hospital.

They also abused the Hindu gods, saying that only Jesus was superior and the other gods were evil. rice field. “These gods of yours are useless. Please, what is here is to drink the blood of Jesus Christ.Worship only Jesus Christ,” they said.

They were further deceived that the evangelist had a better mantra to improve themselves. Kamble accuses Suryavanshi and his associates of forcing him to attend, perform prayers, and convert to Christianity. I’m here. Police have charged three of Cambuke’s men, whom he cited in the complaint for forced conversions and spreading superstition.

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