Drink driver jailed after Lincoln police chase with child in back seat

A drunk driver who drove the wrong way up Lyndham Hill through Vailgate and Newport Arch was sentenced to 15 months in prison on Monday.

Matthew Hicklin, 33, was carrying a female passenger and a 5-year-old child.

The Lincoln Criminal Court said it called police on Wednesday, five days before Christmas, after a Renault Megane in a Hicklin clone plate entered the city around midnight.

Prosecutor David Eager said he tracked the car over the university bridge and onto High Street, at which point the car was captured by CCTV.

Eager said police officers followed behind the car and saw it turn north into the Pelham Bridge.

“At that point, his driving became increasingly erratic and dangerous. Two police vehicles are now chasing the defendant,” Eager said.

“The vehicle was airborne at the speed at which he hit the bridge near the Green Dragon Pub.

“A few meters from the crosswalk there was a woman standing in the middle of the crosswalk trying to join the others.

“Then he crossed the other side of the road on Lyndham Hill, which is a double carriageway, effectively approaching a blind curve.

“At this point, police effectively stopped the chase.”

The car was seen turning left past Lincoln Cathedral and going the wrong way through Vailgate and Newport Arch.

“He’s gone down a one-way street in the wrong direction, far beyond legal limits,” Eager added.

The court heard Hicklin continued up the A15 and crashed into a hedge and fence near Riseholme College.

Eager added:

“The child’s mother was at the scene and was intoxicated.

“The defendant was drinking and sitting in his car. He was clearly unsteady and drunk.”

Hicklin refused to perform a breath test and did not return any comments during the interview.

Hicklin of Lancaster Place, Lincoln, pleaded guilty on December 20 last year to dangerous driving, disqualification, driving without insurance and failing to provide a sample.

The court heard Hicklin had a 24 criminal record, including nine months in prison for dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice, failing to provide a sample and driving without due care. .

Eager said another passenger was arrested for being unfit to care for a child, but no action has yet been taken.

“The only mitigation for the incident itself is that no one was hurt,” Sam Lowne said.

“I asked Mr. Hicklin how this happened and he simply said he didn’t know.

Lowne said Hicklin was out drinking with his partner and five-year-old child.

“He simply saw the police and panicked.”

Hicklin was so affected by the suicide of the man he considered his father, Lowne said, that when winter weather prevented him from working as a bricklayer, he was forced to burn up to 12 cans of beer a day. It is said that he was drinking

Handing down the verdict Judge Catarina Sjolin Knight said: It’s a dangerous time to drive like this. “

Judge Sjolin Knight told Mr Hicklin that he eventually crashed into a hedge.

The judge added, “Even though the child wasn’t tied up, he was standing.”

“Your partner was drunk. You were sitting in the car drinking.”

Hicklin was also banned from driving for three and a half years.

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