Don’t call flyer ‘drunk’: New Air India alcohol policy

As Air India is reviewing its alcohol service policy, the new guidelines require flight attendants to remain silent and behave with respect, and guests are not permitted to drink alcohol unless a flight attendant provides service. It says it shouldn’t be allowed.

It also said flight attendants should take care to identify passengers who may be consuming alcohol themselves.

The policy review comes after a “peegate” incident in which a flier named Shankar Mishra reportedly drunkenly urinated on an elderly female passenger on a New York-New Delhi flight last November. It comes after the airline has been criticized. Mishra is currently in judicial custody.

According to Air India’s alcohol policy review, flight attendants should be polite to passengers and not call guests ‘intoxicated’.

“Don’t call guests ‘drunk’. Politely warn them that their behavior is unacceptable. Don’t persuade them to give you ‘the last drink’ if they’ve had enough.” says the new policy.

The guidelines also prohibit flight attendants from raising their voices.

“Don’t speak up. If they speak up, lower yours. Don’t postpone the refusal. Act while the guest can still explain why,” the policy said. .

It also states that serving alcoholic beverages must be done in a reasonable and safe manner.

Airlines also publish a series of “dos and don’ts” regarding denial of service. These require flight attendants to be courteous, avoid value judgments, and be quick-witted to politely inform guests that they will no longer serve alcohol.

Managing overly intoxicated patrons must be done proactively and respectfully.

Based on the guidelines reviewed, flight attendants will not serve alcohol to guests if they have consumed their own alcohol and if they have reasonable grounds to believe that the guest’s functioning is impaired by alcohol to the extent that it poses a danger. You can refuse or get rid of unconsumed alcohol. To the aircraft, to the passengers (crew or guests), or to the guests themselves.

Air India said on Tuesday: Also included is the NRA’s traffic light system to help crews recognize and manage potential poisoning cases. increase.

“The new policy has now been promulgated to our crew and is included in our training curriculum. Air India remains committed to the safety and well-being of our passengers and cabin crew, including but not limited to the responsible service of alcohol. An Air India spokesperson said:

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