Doctors urge caution when drinking alcohol, using fireworks for New Year’s Eve

Savannah, GA (WTOC) – Memorial Health doctors expect several people to be rushed to the emergency room with alcohol-related injuries, so they are urging those who drink to be responsible for their alcohol consumption.

They also say they saw several burn victims during New Year’s Eve festivities.

“They say nearly a third of car crash fatalities are alcohol-related.”

For many people, New Year’s Eve is filled with excitement and a few drinks.

But doctors like Memorial Health’s Jay Goldstein worry that people might get drunk and behind the wheel, which could be life-threatening.

The legal drinking limit while driving is 0.08, but Dr. Goldstein says it’s better to use rideshare apps and not drive if you drink.

“There’s one drink you shouldn’t drive these days. Lots of people have problems related to car and boat accidents, even if they’re well below the 0.08 limit.”

He knows how important it is to handle alcohol judiciously, whether he’s driving or not… directly.

“Most of the cases we see downtown over the weekend are alcohol-related and I would say fight-related.”

So when the holidays roll into the weekend, he says his emergency room is ready to fill up.

New Year’s is associated with alcohol, but people who set off fireworks are also the same. Dr. Goldstein sees several people coming to the emergency room with injuries on New Year’s Eve and says it’s important to treat them with care.

“The main concern is the fireworks that people actually carry and throw. What you are seeing is the powerful, high It’s firepower gunpowder and we’re seeing serious injuries. Hands. We actually see some amputations and things of that nature.”

Dr. Goldstein says he’s also seen injuries from bottle rockets and especially sparklers that can set clothes on fire. I tell you to go.

“If you have a burn the size of your palm or larger, it’s a serious burn and needs to be addressed very quickly.”

So think about your own safety and the safety of others when celebrating with fireworks or drinking alcohol.

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