Do you know your state’s signature drink? Find out New York’s here

STACKER (WSYR) — Every state in the United States has something to be proud of — and that’s especially true of its signature drink. It’s my favorite drink.

you know what we are talking about Can you imagine traveling to California without Napa Valley red wine? Or getting through Seattle without a hot cup of coffee?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to defining a state’s signature drink. In some states, some drinks are even designated as the state’s official beverage.

Tourists and locals alike always seem to find reasons to seek them out and taste test themselves to embrace the flavors of the 50 states.

So what is each state’s signature drink? Stacker turned to official state websites, news, culinary profiles, and historical reports that associate specific beverages with states across the country.

Some states had multiple drinking, so the majority ruled in such cases.

In fact, do you know your hometown’s signature drink? Read on to discover New York’s favorite drinks, or explore the entire national list here.

New York: milk

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Did you know that New York is the third largest milk producer in the United States?

That’s why milk is New York’s official state drink, according to State Symbol USA.

Milk produced in New York is not only consumed, but also used in butter, cheese, ice cream and processed products.

No wonder the New York State Fair focuses on milk and butter.

Milk has actually been the drink of New York State for 42 years, starting in 1981. This is because New York is the leader in dairy production and milk production ranks him third in the nation.

Dairy was not only the state’s adopted beverage, but also the state’s adopted snack.

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