Digital high tech experience Hidden Worlds returns to Miami

Guests at the first Hidden Worlds immersive dinner amidst a butterfly storm. This experience will see him return to Miami in 2023.

Guests at the first Hidden Worlds immersive dinner amidst a butterfly storm. This experience will see him return to Miami in 2023.

The popular immersive experience that takes guests underwater and into the mangroves will return to Miami in 2023.

After its success in Miami Beach earlier this year, Hidden Worlds Entertainment, an “impact” company, returns with “Our Ocean, Our Future,” a digitally immersive journey promoting ocean conservation and caring for the planet. A state-of-the-art attraction that integrates digital projection technology into a 360-degree audio environment with stories that raise awareness of the dangers of rising sea levels and other environmental issues.

By day, Miami’s Ampersand Studios offers a kid-friendly journey into the mysteries of the underwater world using projection mapping, which uses multiple projectors to display images on any surface. By night, the experience transforms into fine dining, with cocktails at night in his lounge, where Como Como Miami chef Scott Herrinquist, Serena Herr Rooftop, and Koyo Herr Taco team up with Bahamian-born chef Kevin. We offer an “Ocean Positive” menu curated by Pratt.

According to Hidden Worlds CEO Daniel Hettwer, the new installation was sponsored by The Islands of the Bahamas, a group that saw Hidden Worlds’ first installation at the Rudolf Budja Gallery in Miami Beach and liked what they saw. I’m here.

“After they saw the exhibit, they said, ‘We have to do something together,'” says Hettwer. “We were a perfect match, so we adjusted the menu to a slightly Caribbean twist.”

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“Our Sea, Our Future” allows guests to experience a special immersive journey into the heart of the mangroves.

The 10-course set meal menu, which includes oyster boxes, fish curry, mussels and a plant-based conch salad, has changed but remains focused on exotic species and bivalves (bivalve farming benefits water quality). increase).

Even the cocktails are what Hetwa calls “ocean positive,” using ingredients such as mangrove honey, oyster brine and spirulina to benefit the ocean when farming. This year, Hetwer said drink his pairings are included in the ticket price rather than an extra charge, and a complimentary cocktail is included in the price for guests attending the non-foodie version of the event during the day.

“That way, parents can relax and watch with a drink while the kids chase the turtles,” says Hettwer.

There is another difference this time. According to Hettwer, the first round of Hidden Worlds dinners sold out during its first run (“exceeded expectations,” he now says). However, guests made repeated requests. Could you elaborate on all these implications?

“They wanted more,” he says. “They came to the show and were in amazement and awe. And the show was over. …They wanted more context.”

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Sip ocean-friendly cocktails in a hidden world immersive dining experience.

As such, the show includes supplementary material to add to the message, such as a sustainability wall with information on sharks, mangrove conservation, and other themes covered in the installation. The digital artwork uses images of corals and loops with descriptions of how corals help marine biodiversity and support the medical field. A Bahamian artist is painting a mural in real time on opening night, which will be on display throughout the run.

If you’re lucky, you might win a week at the Grand Isle Resort in the Bahamas thanks to our partnership with The Islands.

“They have led the pack in terms of shark conservation,” says Hettwer.

Hidden Worlds’ charity partner is Beneath the Waves, dedicated to promoting the health of the world’s oceans. His 5% of all proceeds will be donated to the group.

“This is how we generate money for them,” says Hettwer. “Anyone who comes supports the ocean through direct income, not just food and drink.”

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The seafood menu that’s part of Hidden Worlds is not only sustainable, it’s also what CEO Daniel Hettwer calls “sea-friendly.”

“Our Sea, Our Future”

where: Ampersand Studios, 31 NE 17th St., Miami

when: February 15th to March 4th

Daytime Show: 12:00pm – 5:00pm daily

Evening dinner: Extended lounge access Wednesday-Sunday 6:00 PM and 8:30 PM, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

cost: Daytime tickets start at $29 for adults.Children $19; dinner tickets from $240 per person including cocktail pairings


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