Dashcam video shows danger posed by drink driver in Nottingham police pursuit

A drunk driver who fled police and “completely disregarded the law and the welfare of other road users” has been arrested.

Dashcam footage showed Jason Gordon bypassing the bollard and driving backwards on the other side of the road into oncoming traffic.

The 31-year-old man was spotted speeding in a black Seat Altea while traveling along the A610 to Nottingham at around 9pm on 9 January 2022.

After passing police at about 80 mph in a 40 mph zone, Gordon entered Woodhouse Way and was temporarily detained behind a glitter truck.

After driving dangerously for an extended period of time, he sped up and accelerated, shortly after police were unable to stop despite efforts to end the chase safely.

Thankfully, the car stopped without causing any injury or damage, and Gordon was arrested.

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He then showed a breathalyzer reading showing 72 micrograms of alcohol per 100 milliliters of breath.The legal limit is 35mcg.

Gordon pleaded guilty to a series of offenses, including dangerous driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, failing to stop, driving without insurance, and driving under other licenses.

Six months after this incident, Gordon was again found driving under the influence. This time, Eastwood’s charity stole it from outside his shop and was riding a motorcycle when he was disqualified to drive.

He was recognized when he rode his bike on August 31, 2022, and later when he rode his bike.

Gordon is detained by the public at a Hilltop co-op store and arrested by the police. He went on to do his 96mcg breath test and was caught on his CCTV camera riding a stolen bicycle.

He pleaded guilty to charges of theft, driving under the influence of alcohol and driving while disqualified.

Nottingham Criminal Court also held a hearing on 3 November 2022 that the former Gordon of William Avenue, Eastwood was involved in a further burglary in Alfreton, Derbyshire.

After stealing £210 of groceries from the store, he fled with two other men, but when Gordon returned to the store and demanded his bike back, he stabbed a staff member in the chest when he tried to retrieve it. Pressed.Put it back.

Detained by the public and later arrested by police, Gordon pleaded guilty to theft and assault.

The court, in Gordon’s defense, heard that he turned to drinking and drugs “as a way of coping” and became homeless after a long-term relationship fell apart.

It has since been claimed that he has turned his life around and now has a roof over his head, with help and support to deal with his problems.

A judge sentenced him to 12 months in prison on Tuesday (December 20, 2022) while acknowledging Gordon’s progress to “get himself together.”

Gordon was also banned from driving for 3 years and 6 months and told he would have to pass an extended driver’s license test when the ban expired.

Nottinghamshire Police Inspector John Lees said:

“This incident serves as a stark reminder to others that drinking and being under the influence of alcohol can have a profound effect on people’s judgment.

“I want to send the message that this kind of irresponsible behavior is unsafe and can lead to tragedies that we never want to happen.

“I also hope it sends a clear message to other drivers that if they are found breaking the law and endangering the lives of others they will be prosecuted and taken to court. ”

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