Dad divides opinion by taking his son to see people with drink and drug addictions living on the streets

Opinions were divided online after one father described how he took his son to visit homeless people addicted to alcohol and drugs.

After explaining that his son’s mother was not happy with his decision, the father asked for the opinions of others on Reddit.

“I have a fifteen-year-old son named Gavin,” the father began.

“I used to be a heroin addict and lived on the streets. I stopped drinking when my son was 5 and have been clean since. Gavin smokes and drinks weed these days. I found.

Teens were smoking weed. Credit: Pixabay

“He knows I’m disappointed in him, too young to drink and smoke.

“Sometimes I walk down the street and help people I used to be with. I give them resources, I give them food. My wife doesn’t like this, but she knows it’s important to me. I have.”

The father explained that he had decided to take his son on Boxing Day, but the mother was not impressed.

“On Boxing Day, I took Gavin to meet some people on the street and let him see how they lived and how they interacted with me. I found it really upsetting because that was my goal so he could see what addiction really is like,” he wrote.

“When I spoke to his mom, she was mad at me and said I put him in danger, but honestly, when he got out there and what I went through Or, and I think it would be good for him to see what he does if he doesn’t clean up his act.

The father explained that he decided to take his son on Boxing Day. Credit: Stock Photo
The father explained that he decided to take his son on Boxing Day. Credit: Stock Photo

People on Reddit were divided on what happened. Some feel that their father did the right thing, while others are unsure.

One wrote: Start trying hard things. ”

Another said:

But a third added:

And the fourth comment was, “So why don’t we discuss why he’s too young to get into weed and alcohol?

Don’t try to scare him by lying that you’ll become addicted to heroin if you do that. ”

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