Cyberpunk 2077 Immersion Mod Lets You Grab A Drink In Every Night City Bar

With this mod, you can watch V actually take a drink.

Night City is a great production. Gleaming, neon-bright, and looking fantastic in the rain, the city nevertheless certainly has a dirty and gritty side. Console players will enjoy Cyberpunk 2077’s setting, but it may be on PC where the city truly realizes its potential. This is thanks to many of his mods that add features and functionality to Night City.

One of the latest to make games and locations more immersive is the “Immersive Bartenders” mod created by Deceptious. The mod adds a drinking animation to the game, so you can actually see your character getting a drink and drinking it when you order a drink at his one of Night City’s drinking taverns. Without the mod, players would find ordering and drinking drinks to be very tedious within the menu. You won’t see your character drinking it, and after purchasing and consuming the drink, you will return to the game while the bartender is unaware of the fact that you ordered something.

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The mod adds animated drinks for all bartenders who can buy drinks in Night City. This mod works with all bartenders in Night City, but Mateo (Lizzie’s) works slightly differently. However, the drinks themselves all require the same amount of vortex and leave the same effect when sipped.

Cyberpunk 2077 bar drinking immersive bartending mod V showing drinking a bottle
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This mod also contains a small fix, Claire (afterlife) will serve you in the first Garage step of the Beast (if the player reaches this particular quest). Once installed, the Immersive Bartenders mod works by simply going to the bartender and ordering something.

Deceptious is formed in the Cyberpunk 2077 immersive mods genre. The modder is also responsible for the very popular Night City Interactions mod. This mod adds many drinking spots to the game where V can get a drink or even hang out with his friends. It also adds some locales from the Edgerunners anime. Night City Interactions and Immersive Bartenders mods are 100% compatible with each other.

The Immersive Bartenders mod from Nexus Mods is here, and the Night City Interactions mod is here. Happy drinking!

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