Customer baffled after being forced to tip robots that made his drink

Published: 2023-01-15T21:59:17

Has been updated: 2023-01-15T21:59:24

On TikTok, a customer went viral after being forced to tip a robot that made a drink 10%.

In a video that has over 1.2 million views, content creator Uptin shot The Tipsy Robot in Las Vegas, a bar where all the drinks are made by robots.

Panning down to his bill revealed a 10% service charge was included. “I don’t normally mind the automatic 10% tip for making drinks, but you’re a robot,” Uptin said in the clip.

The video showed two robotic arms in the process of creating mixed cocktails.

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According to TikToker, “no option to opt out” means customers have no choice but to tip the bot. Disappointed, he also added that the ice cream machine was broken and his drink came without ice.

TikTok reacts to customers being forced to tilt their robots

In the comments, many TikTok users elaborated on their thoughts on auto-tips.

“I never complain about automatic tips, they go against my cultural view of the value of tips,” said one user.

“I refuse to spend money at a company that enforces automatic tipping,” added another. I was.

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“If I had to pay a compulsory tip to a robot, I wouldn’t go there. That’s crossing the line,” commented another.

Others joked about the situation.

“If you don’t tip, the robot overlords will remember,” quipped one user. “They will remember it during the robot uprising,” joked another.

“You best give that hint, I don’t like what the Terminator movies were talking about,” wrote the third.

Here’s the latest chip-related video to take off on TikTok. This documented a DoorDash driver confronting a customer who did not leave a tip.

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