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As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, Cupbop opens its first location in downtown Phoenix on January 24, marking the sixth Cupbop restaurant in the Phoenix metropolitan area and expanding the brand’s footprint in the United States. 42 locations, expanded to over 150 locations worldwide.

Located at Block 23, 101 E. Washington Street, our quick-service restaurant offers a unique twist on Korean cuisine in a fun, lively, show-like setting. They call themselves “food entertainers”.

Cupbop founder Junghun Song from South Korea said:

Kevin Santiago, CEO of Gold Bowl Group, said: “We are grateful to welcome you to Block 23 and look forward to sharing our mission to perfect our cuisine, service and culture until every creature in the universe has tasted Cup Bap. ”

Cupbop is the nation’s first Korean express food restaurant established in 2013. It all started with a dream and a food truck in Utah and continues to grow globally with partners like Santiago.

The menu emphasizes simple ingredients. Every bowl starts with ‘bap’, which means ‘rice’ in Korean, along with cabbage and sweet potato noodles, along with a selection of Korean-style proteins and a selection of various special sauces to finish. From level 1 (all sweet, no heat) to level 10 (called “fire in the pit”).

Cupbop has 10 signature bowls. Rock Bap, Korean-style tangy chicken. Mandoo Bop, Koren’s fried potstickers. Doochi Bop, fried tofu. B-bap, Korean style barbecue beef. Piggybop, Korean style BBQ pork. Kko Kko Bop, Korean style barbecue chicken. Vegbap, Korean-style stir-fried vegetables. Noodle Bop, Korean style sweet potato noodles. And Ugly Bop, Korean-style fried chicken.

Cupbop offers gluten-free, gluten-friendly, and vegetarian dishes and sauces, as well as 10 specialty rice bowls and traditional Korean side dishes.

They also offer traditional Korean side dishes such as mandu (fryer), noodles (japchae), and kimchi (Korean spicy cabbage), as well as gluten-free, gluten-friendly, and vegetarian dishes and sauces.

With 1,411 square feet of dining space and art in downtown Phoenix, this location incorporates a fun and energetic corporate culture that pays tribute to the American dream that began as a food truck and celebrates “Shhh… Just Eat!” express. This was Song’s original slogan when he opened his food truck in 2013.

People asked him, “What is this?” He didn’t speak much English, so he would say, “Shhh… eat!” People ate it, and Cup Bop became more popular.

In 2015, Gold Bowl Group restaurateur Kevin Santiago set Cupbop on the path to opening its first store and bringing Cupbop to every living creature in the universe. Since opening the first location, Cupbop has grown to over 40 locations across the country and expanded internationally when he was offered his $1 million contract by Mark Cuban at Shark Tank.

The open kitchen concept at the new location in Phoenix allows guests to interact with the team while watching everything be prepared.

Cupbop is proud of our appreciation and support of education. Its core belief is that when teachers are happy, children are happy too. If the children are happy, the family will be happy too. The world needs happy families. Cupbop is donating $1 from every bowl sold during the week of its grand opening (now he ends January 29) to an education-focused nonprofit.

Cupbop offers online ordering for pickup and delivery at Guests can sign up for our VIP Loyalty Program to be the first to know about exclusive events, secret menus, special offers/discounts and loyalty rewards. A new member gets him $10 off any online order of $20 or more just by signing up.

Additionally, all Cupbop stores are now hiring for all positions including restaurant crew, managers, cooks, dishwashers and more. For more information, visit

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