Corson Grain joins Kellogg’s Cool Soil Initiative

Kellogg’s sole corn partner, Cawthorn Grain, recently announced that it has joined the Cool Soil Initiative. The company uses its “dirt-to-spoon” supply chain to drive emissions reductions.

Kellogg is a founding member of the Cool Soil Initiative. The Coolsoil Initiative is one of several initiatives that are part of the company’s Better Days program, a science-based program focused on keeping more carbon in the ground and out of the supply chain. .

With Colson joining, Kellogg says it champions sustainable “dirt-to-spoon” cornflake production.

Initially, five Corson farmers from northern NSW to southern QLD will participate in the initiative.

Brett Thompson, Corson Grain’s general manager of sales and innovation, said the Cool Soil initiative is an important program to support the sustainable development of growers across the country.

“Built on science and with industry in mind, we look forward to delivering tangible results through increased productivity and effective benchmarking.

“The opportunity to work with a trusted leader like Kellogg’s in advancing the sustainable production of cornflakes is an opportunity to develop on-farm solutions aimed at increasing organic matter in the soil, improving yields and making farmers more water efficient. We will advance sustainability practices through innovation, all of which will make a meaningful difference to the environment,” Thompson said.

To date, Kellogg has helped nearly 200 farmers in New South Wales reduce their carbon footprint through this initiative, while reducing soil salinization and sustainably maximizing yields from each crop. We share the latest cultivation methods for cultivating.

Long-term investments to strengthen Australia’s farming system through projects like the Cool Soil Initiative are essential for Kellogg’s, which produces 42 million kilograms of cereal each year in Australia.

Anthony Holm, Managing Director of Kellogg ANZ said:

Anthony Holme, Managing Director of Kellogg ANZ, said Corson’s joining the Cool Soil initiative is an important milestone.

“This demonstrates a direct link to how Australian corn flakes are being sustainably produced through the programme. Our relationship with Australian farmers spans nearly a decade and our investment in the Cool Soil Initiative , not just in the future of farmers, in product quality, or even in Australia, but on a global scale.I am very proud that this work continues,” said Home.

Kellogg’s Australia is ranked 49th. Australia’s Top 100 Food & Beverage Companies 2022 report.

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