Conn. resident seeks help for ‘black sludge’ drinking water

Aquarion Water says a known issue at Plainville is hard water and a fix is ​​in the works.

PLAINVILLE, Connecticut — Water problems continue for Connecticut residents. Following the story FOX61 brought to you about Bristol’s brown water, there are now reports of Plainville’s black sludge.

FOX61 received a call from a condo owner at Plainville’s Sheltering Ponds Condominiums. The owner of the unit says it has had water quality issues since 2017.

“Black sludge is taking over everything,” Tracy Jop explained.

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Tracy says the main problem with her water is this grayish-black buildup. “It’s like being in a horror movie,” she explains Yopp. She says the sludge clogs pipes, corrodes fixtures and gnaws at instruments. She couldn’t even use her one of the showers and was forced to buy a new washing machine. “I have a fixed income. said Jopp.

In addition to the financial burden, Yopp believes her health issues are involved. “Now I need to get a prescription from my dermatologist. And my hair used to be thick. It’s not there anymore. It’s paper thin.”

An outside company tested her water and found a water hardness level of “a lot of manganese” and “20 grains per gallon.” Anything over 10 is considered extreme hardness caused by too much calcium and magnesium.

Aquarion Water told FOX61 that water hardness is not regulated and hard water does not mean unsafe water. Peter Fazekas, Director of Corporate Communications at Aquarion Water, said:

Aquarion said it is currently building a large water softening plant on nearby Woodford Avenue that will use salt to take care of the problem. “Usually homes have water softening systems installed. But this is a large system designed to handle the whole system. The New He is probably one of the biggest in England,” he said. explains Fazekas.

Supply chain issues have proven challenging, but Aquarion is on track to open its processing plant in July, Aquarion told FOX61. Until then, FOX61 was in touch with Tracy Yopp on Aquaion.

Peter Fazekas promised that FOX61 would follow up to see if flushing her water main helped. As for reimbursement for her damaged and destroyed electrical appliances and equipment, Aquarion only said it would investigate her case.

Water hardness is a known issue at Plainville, according to Aquarion, and there have been plans to fix it since 2021 when the company acquired its water distribution from Valley Water.

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