Commentary: Assigning grades to sugary drinks speaks to the Singaporean in me

Nutri-Grade is a form of front-of-package nutrition labeling considered a nudge that influences healthier behavior without banning options or significantly changing the cost of certain beverages. an attempt to

Sure, consumers already have ingredient lists and nutritional value tables, but it takes time and effort to research and compare every drink you get.

Grades make it easy to see at a glance whether a drink is healthier or not, reducing consumer uncertainty. For example, every time you reach for a carton, you might reconsider whether pure fruit juice is always the healthier option. Nutrigrade labels are a reminder that drinks can be unhealthy, too.

Reduce mental strain and make healthier decisions

Of course, Nutrigrade, like any other nutrition label, isn’t perfect. A surprisingly lower grade than the brand’s artificially sweetened sodas.

Clearly, there are other nutritional benefits of juice and milk, such as vitamins and calcium. It is scored.

These mental contradictions may threaten the veracity of Nutrigrade’s overall perception, as “healthier” does not equate to “healthier.” We are aware of some of the perceived inconsistencies in , and are seeking to address them, including through public education activities.

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