Collins and Coupe, Let’s Make a Drink

Collins & Coupe, 2876 El Cajon Blvd

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, cocktails are the star. Professional bartenders and amateur mixologists must be ready for the ball his drop.

Every bar needs the right tools to work efficiently. I ordered bar tools online and was often disappointed. Where can you find a good jigger, a shaker with a non-melting top, and a barspoon that feels great in your hand? Look no further than Collins & Coupe. This store is Disneyland for cocktail lovers.

Bring your wallet as a trip to this store will prove to be expensive. You will spend a lot of money at Collins & Coupe because you want to buy all the fun things they have to offer. more likely to go

Collins & Coupe shaker and bar spoon.

To save money you have to spend money… Setting up a good bar in your home requires an investment, but it pays off. Cocktail prices in the city have never been higher. Drinking outside is an expensive sport at $16-20 a cocktail. But if you stock your bar with all the right gear, making cocktails at home can save you a lot of money in the long run. $65 to $80. For the same price, you can buy several bottles of good liquor or one very good bottle. Depending on the cocktail, a single 750ml bottle can make up to 16 drinks.

Headed to Collins & Coupe (C&C) for a cocktail game at home. I recently learned to make some new drinks, so now I have all the tools I need to make them at home and have perfected the correct glassware.

Collins & Coupe measuring cups and jiggers.

Old-fashioned cocktails are a frequent occurrence in our house, so we needed something suitable. Old Fashioneds require a single or double rocks glass.

A recent dinner at Mable’s Gone Fishing showcased some of the finest textured rocks glass to fit our hands. I was able to find something similar at Collins & Coupe.

Collins & Coupe Absunset, fountain dripper, spoon and glass.

When the bartender at OB Noodle House showed me how to make their signature Peanut Butter Old Fashioned, I got Chocolate Mole Bitters there. C&C has over 100 types of bitters.

Collins & Coupe carries over 100 different flavors of bitters.

Large ice squares and spheres are also available. Also remember the cherries. They are our Old Fashioned staples and C&C carries the best. You can also get a good citrus peeler for making garnishes.

Jessie, Henry’s bar manager at Coronado, showed us how to make paper plane cocktails, and C&C provided new shakers, fine-mesh strainers, and delightful coupe glasses.

These days, Amaros takes center stage, but navigating all the different stuff can be a challenge, even for professionals. Never fear; they have a great reference book on Amaros. The cocktail and liqueur reference library sold by C&C captures the imagination.

We see something unique and exciting every time. Ice branding stamps take my favorite find cake to date. What kind of ice branding do you want? Branding leaves an image or pattern on the ice cube. It may sound silly, but it’s a great finish. Bartenders will kill me for saying that, but the next time you post at Henry’s Bar, put a stamp on the ice and tell them Clyde sent you.

Cash out at Collins & Coupe.

Collins & Coupe renewed my love for mixing cocktails because I no longer have to make “home versions” of my favorite drinks. same Cocktails at home enjoyed on the go.

This magical store is just a short drive away. I like to head there for lunch. Across the street is Y’s Ox Butcher & Deli, owned by Trust Restaurant Group. You can get something special for dinner while ordering a sandwich for lunch. This store is my regular. There are two reasons for leaving the island. cheers!

Collins & Coupe
2876 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego

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