CNN hosts did alcohol-free drinking game during on-air New Year’s Eve celebrations

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper left nauseous and fed up as they played a non-alcoholic drinking game while covering the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Times Square.

The two hosts kept viewers entertained as they appeared on CNN on the night of December 31, counting down to 2023 in New York.

The pair have previously covered the same event together, but CNN made some changes this year by announcing they would be drinking less on air. was left.

The decision to limit alcohol during the show came after Cohen had previously made several controversial comments about ABC’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show.

In early 2022, Cohen admitted his mistake on the SiriusXM radio show, stating: He really regrets having said that.

Ahead of last night’s New Year’s Eve event, Cohen told Rolling Stone that the ban may not apply to him and Anderson, noting that “CNN said correspondents don’t drink.” .

Since he was the show’s host, Cohen continued: “Anderson and I will be the people who party on CNN. [though] We party responsibly. ”

The host was tired of drinking games. Credit: CNN

But as it turns out, Cohen and Cooper told viewers last night they “can’t drink.” I don’t know, it’s a long night.

Instead of drinking alcohol, the two enjoyed mystery shots of pickle juice, buttermilk, and apple cider vinegar.

After drinking up the pickle juice, they coughed and complained about the taste.

Instead of revealing a tastier alcoholic beverage, Cohen adhered to the alcohol ban, pulled out two juice boxes stolen from his son, took a sip, and said, “Okay, that’s good.”

After drinking apple cider vinegar, Cooper asked if they were drinking “socks” or “shoes,” and Cohen pleaded, “I need tequila.”

Pickle juice certainly isn’t as good as tequila, but at least the presenters are feeling fresher than most this morning.

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