Christmas is one of those times to eat, drink and be merry

One of the reasons I love eating out is meeting people at other tables in restaurants.

It’s not like I’m staring at them, but when I look around the room, I’m happy to see them playing happily.

Eating out can be a special occasion, but even when it’s not, it’s fun to get away from home, work, and ideally, worry. When friends and family get together and eat enchiladas and shrimp or even burgers made by someone else, the diner’s smile shows that troubles are often forgotten, at least temporarily. I like to see

The same goes for other escapes, such as movies in theaters, basketball games, and concerts. Most of us have a place to take a break from the monotonous and sometimes difficult daily life. It’s heartwarming to see a couple laugh as they end a funny movie, or someone boot scooting at a wedding reception.

The Bible doesn’t say much about what Jesus enjoyed, but some of his stories and teachings hint at humor. I’m no expert on ancient languages, but according to “Father Tim” of, Jesus’ criticism of religious leaders in Matthew 23:24 – “You strain gnats and swallow camels” – has a kind of contains puns. In Aramaic, gnat is garma and camel is gamla. The English translation is a little less ironic.

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