Christmas 2022- Perfect Xmas Food And Drink Pairings

When it comes to pairing with celebratory dishes, the possibilities are endless today with the vast array of wines and spirits available. So this year’s giveaway is a list of the best-matched pairings in our opinion.

Jameson + Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is a traditional and delicious baked dish of minced meat and potatoes. The dense texture and flavor is rich and herbal, and pairs perfectly with Jameson Irish Whiskey. The light citrus, sweet herbal notes and subtle spicy tones of this whiskey are the perfect balance for Shepard’s Pie.

Chandon Brut + Fusilli Alfredo

Fusilli alfredo is a guilty pleasure. A rich and creamy sauce envelops the cracks of the fusilli, bursting with flavor in every bite. What better way to pair this than with a bright citrus champagne? This smooth champagne with notes of fresh apples and pears complements pasta beautifully.

Bacardi White + Peri Peri Cashew Nuts

Looking for easy finger food? These Peri Peri Cashew Nuts are the way to go for all your snacking needs. The heat of spice pairs perfectly with the crisp, clean white of Bacardi.

Ballantine’s + Chilli Chicken

Woody and smoky, the rich, sweet Ballantine Whiskey complements the fiery chili chicken chili. Paired with spicy chicken, the toffee and caramel peat finish is perfect.

Bombay Sapphire + Shrimp Dynamite

A spicy and delicious snack, Shrimp Dynamite is the perfect accompaniment to a light and delicate gin. A sip of chilled gin with a hot and spicy sip.

Heineken + Onion Ring

Beer and onion rings, this is a simple and classic pairing. Onion rings are popular for their crunchy texture and subtle sweetness. So why not do it justice with a delicious bottle of beer. Heineken’s bittersweet, biscuity malt flavor is an iconic and classic flavor.

Shiraz Cabernet + Smoked Chicken

The deep, smoky flavor of chicken pairs very well with a bold, tannic, spiced wine with smoky notes and a hint of sweetness. They complement each other well, neither overpowering the other. A classic pair that you can’t miss.

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