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Tacoma’s Side Piece Kitchen proves to customers that anything served on biscuits and drizzled with gravy is good for the soul.

Less than a year later, Tacoma’s Side Piece Kitchen began serving the self-proclaimed Banging Brunch and Munchee Slaps.

Perfecting recipes at brewery pop-ups, special events and takeout operations in the Edison Square Commissary Kitchen, husband and wife team Haley and Dante Hernandez produce nearly 500 freshly baked biscuits for biscuit sandwiches each day. I am sending it out.

It’s hard to say no to names like Sizzrup Sandwich, which includes maple sausage patties, white cheddar cheese, fried eggs, chives, and a drizzle of spicy maple syrup, or Croque Madame with sliced ​​Virginia ham, gruyere cheese, and brown butter bechamel. . , and heirloom fried sunny egg sandwiches.

“There’s nothing you can’t put on a biscuit,” Haley said. “Recently, triple he made a Big Mac literally with biscuits The first he made Bis Mac Daddy. If you could do that, intention end. ”

If you happen to have room for an extra after you’ve had one of Side Piece Kitchen’s appetizers, also consider having a slice of cheesecake for dessert.

side piece kitchen cheesecake

A 40-layer double fudge chocolate sponge cake, Becky is filled with layers of fudge and salted chocolate buttercream and finished with a glazed fudge frosting.

“We get a little crazy about it,” said Haley. “We take plates and point them over their heads. Flip it over, but then throw the tradition out the window.”

The Becky is a 40-layer double fudge chocolate sponge cake, overflowing with layers of fudge and salted chocolate buttercream and topped with glazed fudge frosting.

Order online Friday through Saturday for pickup at 5415 S. Tacoma Way.

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