Cheap bottled water is a “scam” and people should just drink from the tap where possible, an expert has said

Cheap bottled water is a “scam” and people should drink from the tap whenever possible, experts said. . He says, contrary to popular belief, the public should drink from the tap and not splash out on cheap bottles. products should be completely avoided. He claimed: “Such water that comes out of the tap is boiled to remove the natural electrolytes.” Then they switched back to artificial electrolytes, but less than in the beginning. “In general, anything sold that way is a huge scam. It’s just tap water four times the price. It also uses a lot of energy.” Milin, from Hampton Court, southwest London , has been passionate about water for 20 years. Last year, in the capital near Flam, he launched perhaps the first water specialty store in the country. Milin, in his 40s, who qualified as a sommelier in 2020, says he worked with WaterAid on the project. “I’ve always had a deep passion for water. It’s been my life and I want to show others how to understand it.” We should respect its source and treat it with the same value and respect as spirits and fine wines.” Milin’s shop, Fine Liquid, sells a wide range of products. The most expensive is £120 for a 750ml bottle: Patagonia’s APSU Origin Water. Milin says the extreme price is justified by its origin, which derives from a free-flowing glacier. Stick with it.” You should drink tap water, or filtered tap water, for hydration.Sometimes people attribute differences in water taste to pH.”But 99% of the taste of water is contained in it.” It depends on your total dissolved solids (TDS), which is a combination of various minerals.” Milin says magnesium in water can give it a slightly “sweet and tangy” flavor. He said it imparts a “slightly bitter, earthy flavor.”

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