Challans, vehicle seizures in crackdown on drink-driving in Bhopal | Bhopal News

Bhopal: The drive against drunk driving in the city has been heartily supported by the district as well as the efforts of the traffic police. police likewise.
Not only do drinkers receive charan, but their vehicles are also seized. They are asked by the court to release the vehicle after paying a fee. penalty Find a taxi or car to go home. They fined him not less than 15,000 rupees by the court according to the penalties stipulated in the amended law. automobile lawslightly shaking the drunk driver.
“A few days ago, two young men came into my store to buy snacks. When they got back to their car, they were surrounded.The police confiscated the car keys.They begged the police to take a fine and let them go.One of them started crying. didn’t want their parents to know about the incident, but the police seized their car,” said the owner of a grocery store near the liquor store.
On Christmas Day, there was a strange incident in which two people came to drink at the same liquor store on horseback. Their horses stood outside the achata (tavern) when the riders were full and set off on their backs to their respective homes.
“Then three or four police officers came and asked what to do with the horses and riders, but there was no answer. “It’s their food,” said the owner of a pot shop near the liquor store.
Faced with police heat, drinkers have one question in mind. “Why should the government allow Ahata to operate if they don’t want people to drink and drive?”
“Previously, this shop did not come with ahata.It was only a few months ago.Why would the government offer ahata? We know they have a tight budget.They can’t drink in.We’ll go home and do it here.It’s not reasonable to expect them to hire a taxi after drinking. Close all ahata, they will find another way out. As far as bars and hotels are concerned, they still have police patronage. You won’t find a police force to grab your collar. The only people you’ll face police are people drinking in their cars, or drinking in ahata or public places, especially outside liquor stores. said a person who was fined by police for driving under the influence of alcohol in a neighborhood Largati A few days ago.

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