Can You Drink Juice That Sat Out Overnight?

You may be unaware of the various safety-related variables to consider when choosing juice from your supermarket or local juice bar. First, the FDA recommends following certain safety guidelines when trying homemade green juice. The FDA argues that the lack of pasteurization during juice production increases the risk of food poisoning and other harmful bacterial infections.

According to the Houston Department of Health, most juices sold in the United States are pasteurized in some form, which heats the product to a specific temperature to kill harmful organisms and bacteria that can lead to food poisoning. In 1999, the FDA began requiring all unpasteurized juices (fresh juices with a much shorter shelf life) to carry a warning label about potential risks of consumption. with a weakened immune system. But are unpasteurized juices safe to drink?

Healthline claims it’s safe to drink unpasteurized juices as long as they’re made according to strict cleanliness standards. However, this type of juice can easily become contaminated with bacteria or stored improperly. Can I forget to refrigerate my pasteurized juice?

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