Bryce Mitchell on what forced him to avoid alcoholic drinks

When asked about her favorite adult drink, Bryce Mitchell revealed why she tends to avoid alcohol and why she hasn’t touched those kinds of drinks in so long.

“Thug Nasty” is one of the best featherweights in the UFC, but unfortunately his last appearance in the Octagon was a beatdown. The Arkansas native had some good moments in the fight, but it was Ilia Topuria who dominated the majority of the match, eventually locking an arm triangle submission for the win.

In a recent interview, Bryce Mitchell revealed that she much prefers drinking sweet tea with a slice of lemon to alcohol.

“I don’t really drink alcohol… I love sweet tea. I also like lemons. It was probably years ago that I did. I don’t remember, but I stopped.” I’ve done it maybe three or four times, but that was years ago.”

Losing consciousness and not knowing what you are doing must be worrying. But to those around Mitchell, who know how easily he can do serious damage with his elite jiu-jitsu and clean strikes, it must be far more intimidating.

The 28-year-old looked almost perfect in the octagon until he lost to Toplia at UFC 282. Before the defeat, the jiu-jitsu student said he surpassed Edson Barboza everywhere the fight took place, adding the MMA veteran to his record.

Check out why Bryce Mitchell avoids drinking alcoholic beverages in the video below.

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Bryce Mitchell’s legacy in sports

While his career in the UFC is short and he may still be years away from reaching the pinnacle of what is possible inside the cage, Bryce Mitchell has already put his name on the company’s record books.

In addition to earning a Fight of the Night bonus against Bobby Moffett, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt finished in the Twister against Matt Sayles three years ago and has a night check performance and subsequent Won Submission of the Year.

A grappling expert, Mitchell made history in 2019 with the UFC’s second-ever Twister finish. Incredibly, even though his next bout he won by decision, there was an immediate prospect of another successful rare submission in a fight against Charles Rosa.

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