Brother lost to DUI crash a week before Christmas

Don’t drink and drive. It’s something we hear all the time, but people still ignore the warnings. Getting behind the wheel while drunk can ruin your life. Including yourself, or innocent victims.

Nicholas Forsythe read on Christmas Eve, “Turner was the hardest working man of all. He was a selfless man who loved his brother more than anything in the world.”

It’s a word from a letter his brother Turner Forsyth never heard in this world.

“He was a great brother and meant everything to me,” Nicholas said. “He took care of me my whole life.”

Nicholas and Turner’s father died when they were still children. Orphaned, they moved in with their grandmother. Nicholas says Turner was always looking after him. Especially before and after the holidays.

“Christmas is always Turner and my favorite time of the year,” said Nicholas. “We were always very poor, so my brother always had Christmas lights in our room, a little tree, little presents that I never thought of. I was looking forward to having fun with my Dad at Christmas. ”

They lived together all their lives until they became adults. Until about three weeks ago. Their grandma needed special care, so Turner moved in to help her and got a job as a chef at a nursing home in Longmont.

“It’s the longest time we’ve ever been apart,” Nicholas said.

Then, a week ago, tragedy struck. Turner was out of work when he was hit by a DUI. He was taken to the hospital, but was pronounced brain dead just four days later.

Nicholas says he has lost the only family he has left.

“Nobody can take his place,” Nicolas said.

Now he’s mourning instead of spending Christmas with his brother, and has an urgent plea to all who plan to celebrate this holiday with alcohol.

“If you want something to drink, have someone drive you home. No one deserves to destroy an entire family,” said Nicholas.

Even in death, Turner is giving back. He offers his four organs to eligible recipients on Christmas morning, giving them the gift of life.

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